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  1. S

    Air 1 Austin Apple Campus Awash in Snow

    The new Austin Apple campus has been under construction for quite some time now, but this is a unique look at the site as the heavy snow fell on January 10th 2021. The high winds and not-so-great range of my MA1 made it a bit challenging to film, but kind of a cool and different view just the...
  2. B

    Apple's Drone images

    I'm interested in where this image might be from I'm also interested in how Apple is able to do this drone footage of an airport with all the NFZ spaces. This is on their 4k Apple TV. The planes are all moving so this is not a static satellite image.
  3. J

    Using Micro USB with Apple Mac computers (compatibility issues)...

    My Mac computers (both an iMac and a Mac Pro) are unable to read the 128GB microSD card from my Mavic 2 Zoom. I was trying to offload the video I shot with my Zoom, and my Macs would not even recognize/mount the microSD card. When I inserted the card, I a window popped up that said the device...
  4. Lincolnshire Poacher

    Help with tablet please

    I purchased my Mavic Pro Fly More at the end of November, due to work and poor weather I have only managed a couple of one hour sessions. I used my Samsung S7 Edge in the Mavics controller and this seemed to work well. I am connecting with DJIGo4 I’m now looking to buy a tablet for use with...
  5. Partizans

    DJI GO Stability on Android -vs- IOS

    I see this topic has not been touched upon for more than 7 months, and is worth rehashing because of updates to programs and operating systems... I'm an Android-tablet user, but am considering purchasing an IOS-tablet just for FPV use with the Mavic Pro (Platinum). The reason is that...
  6. brad_rector

    Note 8 vs. Iphone X

    I'm really curious what everyone prefers whether you use it with your DJI product or not. Are you a Samsung fanboy or an Apple fanboy and why? NO FIGHTING! :p:D
  7. Vilco

    Finally! A phone that costs as much as the Mavic!

    Can't wait to see someone buying this iPhone X and then bitching about his DJI GO App crashing ;)
  8. D


    Anyone using ARKit? Would think someone with programming experience could come up with interesting stuff using a drone like the Mavic. Any thoughts? ARKit - Apple Developer The best of ARKit: Falcon 9 landing, Minecraft, Van Gogh bedroom tour, and more [Videos]
  9. N

    iPod Touch 6th Generation good to use?

    Hey I'm trying to make a decision on buying an ipod touch 6th generation to fly the mavic or and ipad mini with the att thing. I know the ipod doesn't have gps, so would that change anything from having a phone with gps? The ipad mini would have gps if its the att or verizon version i think...
  10. T

    Apple shipping times

    Hey guys I created this thread because I've read a lot of controversy on Apple's current situation with the mavic. While scanning through the forum I noted one user mention they contacted an Apple sales rep who informed them that mavics were in hand and ready to ship. While on the other...

    MAVIC - Apple Store availability

    Is the Apple web site correct? Here are both a screen shot from the US Apple site and the CANADIAN Apple Site. In the US one can buy the MAVIC at an Apple Store on December 14. For Canadians it is December 19th. Odd, I thought November was the original date.
  12. combustication

    Brick & Mortar Mavic Watch

    This thread is for posting an alert if you see Mavic Pro's for sale at a Brick & Mortar store (retail stores). Please post store name, location, and date of sighting. Depending on supply, this thread might be relevant through the Christmas season.
  13. S

    Apple release date confirmation!

    Finally I've had an answer from Apple! I go on holiday to South Africa on the 3rd of November so I wasn't willing to order direct from dji or any other re-seller as the delivery dates are all over the place and nobody has a date set in stone. My main concern would be to be on holiday when it's...
  14. UAV Man

    What editing software?

    To try and get an idea of the best editing suites out there I wanted to understand which is the most popular. So please answer the POLL and give feedback as to why you have chosen the specific software and any advice you wish to share.