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  1. Planet_Earth

    Editing Software/Apps

    Not sure if this is the best place to place this. I've been taking and making a lot of video and time lapse lately and am looking for a good editor to edit them. I'de something more portable like Filmmaker Pro for the iOS, but I use Android. Earlier I downloaded DaVinci Resolve, but I think...
  2. stevietee10

    Screen recording on Android devices

    Hi I'd like to hear other pilots experiences of screen recording apps for Android devices. Are there any that are really good and don't hog resources? Are there some to avoid all costs !! ? Any feedback and advice greatly appreciated Cheers Steve :)
  3. 1

    Drone Deploy Results

    I am not being paid by Drone Deploy, but attached to this thread are the results of the mapping from the pathos I took. Although the processing to some time, the results are pretty cool. This is a 33 acre section of undeveloped property in my neighborhood. My MA took over 280 photos, on one...
  4. The Real Heavy Metal

    App for DJI go4 that splits screen for FPV?????

    I just bought a set of Cheap Canbor VR goggles that uses my S6 android. It comes with a Bluetooth controller to move a cursor and select without opening the goggles to access the cell phone. I have searched for app options to split screen for DJI drone and go 4 VR but all I'm seeing here and you...
  5. M

    Airmap Adding DJI Drone Control

    Just got an email form Airmap that they are adding the ability to fly DJI drones from their app. It seems that this company is rapidly becoming the leader in drone software development and FAA compliance. If all goes well they will have an app that a user can log their flight, get digital...
  6. W

    Anyone have experience mapping?

    Future first time drone owner here (Ordered Nov 2) So, Ive obviously been wearing out my computer with searches all things mavic, and have found some programs and companies that have software allowing drone pilots to map out any given area. The first I found was from Maps Made Easy: Maps Made...