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  1. C

    B4UFLY app no longer opens

    I updated the B4UFLY app on my iPad in the last few days. Now, when I touch the B4UFLY app’s icon to open the app, I get an FAA announcement saying “B4UFLY is expanding!” See screenshot. There’s a link to an FAA webpage with more information. But the app itself doesn’t open, no matter what I...
  2. C

    B4U Fly App and wilderness areas

    I am new to having a drone. I do a lot of camping and I am looking to get some cool photos and videos as a hobby. I am confused about the maps on Aloft and B4U Fly in the mountains in CO. The section of MAP attached shows wilderness area around some white area. When I click on the white...
  3. M

    Which Maps to Trust for Safe Flying

    Hi All, Just want to get a consensus on which map people use to determine whether it is safe to fly in a certain location. I use Airmap but when I compare the same location in B4UFly, I get very different warnings and alerts. Which one should I trust? How often do these maps get updated? Is...
  4. A

    Airmap vs Hover Vs B4UFly Vs DJI Go App

    I'm a newbie if you haven't noticed., So which is the one to go with? Airmap shows more 'do not fly zones' and orange circles than others basically makes me feel like I should return my drone It includes every single airport in the area (large to tiny. Hover gives me the most hope. B4UFly is...
  5. A

    B4UFLY or FAA UAS Map Data

    Using B4ULFY app, I get the message, “Flight Prohibited”. However, when I reference the FAA UAS Map Data, the grid shows the ceiling is 400’. I’m assuming the FAA map takes precedence, but asking for expert opinion. The DJI Go app says, “Class E4 and gives me a warning to “fly with caution”...
  6. SkyIScrape

    Much needed app: Where CAN i fly?

    Anyone know of an app that tells you where you CAN fly and to what altitude? B4Ufly has personal airfields listed that dont exist anymore. Two of them I know personally have been landfills for at least 7 years. i feel that map is 50% b.s.
  7. SkyIScrape

    Newbie needs expert advice

    Folks, Any help answering these questions would be appreciated. 1) Where the hell can I fly? I've flown my new Mavic Pro a total of three times. Each time I'm nervous as hell. Not for the fact that the only thing between me and a $1000 investment is gravity and 98 feet (beginner mode), but...
  8. W

    Noobie question re: proximity to Airports & Helipads

    I know I'm not allowed to fly within 5mi of an airport without notifying them; however, when I looked at my location via B4UFLY, it gave the following warning, "You are within 5 miles of an airport." I've uploaded screenshots from B4UFLY and UAV Forecast. You can see from both (especially UAV...