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  1. C

    Way to find where your device is from ?

    hello dealing with the local dji support on my country i just found that my drone was not originally from here (Brazil), which is strange as it was ordered on store with recipt it´s out of warranty anyway, however i would like to find out where it´s originally from anyone knowns if is there...
  2. T

    Deep cycle batteries M3E

    Hi, does anyone know if the new M3E batteries technology requieres to deep cycle the batteries? After how many cycles? Which will be the correct procedure? Thanks!
  3. Yaros

    Batteries by Androsean claim incredible flight time! Anyone has tested them?

    There's a youtuber from kazakhstan called "DJI Androsean" who makes batteries, and tests them in different extreme conditions, such as flying very far, or very high, or in cold weather... In one of his videos, DJI Air 2S is shown flying with this custom battery, and the flight time is 42...
  4. T

    Mavic Air electronic transfer to a new body with standard battery(Frankenstein)

    Hi, After so many threads about the Mavic Air batteries issue - old, no more produced, more expensive than a brand-new drone etc. I was thinking about transferring all the electronics to an F450-like structure, after a minimum adaptation. I will be happy if anyone tried and can share his...
  5. C

    Mavic 2 Pro Battery Issue

    I’ve had some concerns, problems, with my Mavic 2 pro batteries. Here’s the deal… This has happened with older batteries, and even newer batteries… A couple that I’ve barely had any hours on. I charge the batteries fully, and I update them on the computer very often before flights. Yet multiple...
  6. Yaros

    How long is it safe to leave DJI batteries fully charged?

    I do not keep my regular LiPos (non-DJI) fully charged for longer than 48 hours. DJI Batteries have the auto-discharge feature, but I never wait for them to auto-discharge because on newer drones it is locked to 9 days, and in some cases even longer. However, I do keep them for 3 or 4 days...
  7. Yaros

    Bug with Mavic Air 2 Battery Auto-Discharge algorithm

    My friend and I are experiencing a weird glitch with the auto-discharge feature on the Mavic Air 2 battery. One of my batteries, and one of my friend's batteries auto-discharges way too fast (by that I mean in a couple of hours after charging). For me this started happening after the latest...
  8. P

    Skips RTH and emergency lands

    Hello all. Twice in the past five or six flights my 2s went into "emergency landing" mode without any low battery warning or even going into RTH. When these happened I immediately looked at the battery indicator and it was in the red. I've never flown my batteries into the red. How it jumped...
  9. E

    Will OG Mini batteries harm my Mini SE?

    Hello guys, I have recently purchased a DJI Mini SE after my brother crashed my OG Mini ?. I still have the batteries and was wondering if anyone knows if it will degrade the drone. I am fine if I get less flight time, it would be expected since they are 7.2 Li-ion as opposed to 7.7 LiPo. I was...
  10. T

    DJI Fly app not updating battery firmware.

    Hi, After updating firmware successfully for the drone and controller for the first time. I can't update the battery's firmware, after swapping the other batteries. Please help, thanks.
  11. I

    How many drone batteries can be carried on a U.S. Airliner?

    Information acquired from reputable Internet sources and directly from airline websites. However, PLEASE CALL YOUR AIRLINE and drone battery manufacturer PRIOR TO TAKING ANY DRONE BATTERIES ONBOARD THE PLANE. Do not place drone batteries in checked baggage. The following Battery Watt hours will...
  12. Elton Hammonds

    NLD improved signal mod

    Has anyone ordered and used the NLD hardware mod kit that is designed to improve the quality of signal on their M2 yet? I just ordered it tonight and am looking forward to it possibly reducing the chances of a catastrophic incident due to loss of signal, given the cost of my equipment. Long...
  13. F

    Charging both batteries and controller ?

    Hi, Is it possible to charge the batteries on the Charging Hub and plug the RC in it with another usb-c/usb cable to charge it in the same time ? Thanks !
  14. B

    M2P: power backup for controller?

    I know many people have extra batteries, but what do you when your M2 Pro controller runs out of power? Is there any way to power controller out in the field? Do some people have more than one controller? I realize that the controller lasts longer than a single drone battery, but they don't...
  15. R

    MM1 batteries in Mini 2- Increased flight time!

    This is going to sound weird. I know the MM1 batteries are 20 grammes heavier, but I've just tried them on some 'local' test flights (in my back garden) on my Mini 2 and the overall flight time is increased ...verified by air-data logs. Could it be that the increased weight is offset by the...
  16. M

    UK - new Mavic Mini Batteries selling for just £35

    I decided to get another spare battery for my mini and came across a company selling them for just £35 each, with free shipping on orders over £50. So yeah it's a pretty good deal and I ended up ordering 2 for the "saving" I'd make on shipping...
  17. T

    I think I had a faulty battery. I crashed my MA2.

    Hi guys, I was flying my MA2 in normal mode at around 6 km (almost 20,000 feet) when I did an RTH. I had 59% battery left and hardly any wind. My battery was fully charged when I took off. When I reached 1 km (3280 feet) my drone started to force to land but I kept pushing the drone up. At 150...
  18. RPSM

    Mavic Air 2 - Battery Error 110024

    Hi - this week two of my batteries for my Mavic Air 2 started acting weird. First, when inserted into the drone, it immediately powered on without having to turn the battery on. Turning it off and on had no effect. When attempting to fly it (keeping it at the lowest possible altitude, to test...
  19. E

    Extend flying time with your current batteries

    Bought this from Amazon UK recently and I must say it's the best accessory I've bought for the Mini... and I've bought a lot of crap for it! I was going to buy another couple of batteries instead, but this works out cheaper than buying another 2 batteries and you can charge up 2 at a time...
  20. Skyler King III

    I am looking for a fast, simultaneous battery charger for Mavic Air 2

    I am looking for a fast, simultaneous battery charger for Mavic Air 2 I have used Fstop Labs for Mavic, Mavic 2, Mavic Air but I want one for Mavic Air 2. Charging all batteries at same time.