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  1. joshmentele

    DJI Mavic Pro Drone with Extras -- $575 or best offer

    Up for sale is a DJI Mavic Pro with all original accessories. I am including one extra battery and a case with the drone. Everything in the pictures is what you get. Includes: Drone body x2 Batteries Remote control x4 Propellers Battery Charger Carrying Case The drone was involved in a crash...
  2. A

    Batteries for carry on

    Can I bring these batteries on my carry on? Taped over the contacts. Called my airline but they were very vague on giving me an answer...thanks in advance!
  3. A

    TSA and Mavic Pro Batteries M

    Taking a vacation here shortly, I have four batteries for my Mavic. As of right now they are secured individually in foam cutouts in my pelican case that houses all my accessories. Do you recommend taking the batteries out and bringing them with me as a carry on, or stowing them with my checked...
  4. C

    Mavic 2 Pro - Battery Mod - Best option

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have read quite a few threads on mods to extend flight time. There are a lot of very creative and interesting ideas. Little by little, I am putting all the pieces together but the answers are all over the place when it comes to batteries. I was wondering if...
  5. I

    Postman Pat Killed my Drone ! How to avoid losing ££$$

    If you are selling drone equipment via ebay etc be careful how you are shipping your kit, especially batteries. You could end up losing the lot & insurance will not pay out! This happened last week (NOT ME) and is happening more often. So follow the tips so it doesn't happen to YOU!
  6. L

    *SOLD**Brand New* Mavic Pro w/6 Batts and many extras etc.. Never flown/activated $1200

    $1200 plus shipping CONUS Warranty replacement directly from DJI. Never used or put a battery in it. Comes with all of the following: (1) Mavic Pro Airframe (1) Set Polarpro Vivid Collection | Cinema Series | Mavic Pro/Platinum ND4/PL, ND8/PL and ND16/PL filters (2) Battery Chargers (6)...
  7. J

    Focus Functionality Question

    Have read a number of discussions on the Mavic Pro series REQUIRING you to tap the screen to focus the camera. Is this truly the case. AND now with the MP2Zoom, is this also the case or does the new feature of autofocus eliminate the need to take that additional step of touching the screen to...
  8. A

    New battery shows 4 charge cycles?

    Just purchased a "new" battery from eBay, just because I checked charge cycles before doing anything. It shows 4 charge cycles. Should a new battery show previous charge cycles? Thanks
  9. h1s0k4

    Mavic Air battery mod

    Hi there , it's me from Vietnam . I read the thread " Mavic pro battery mod " for hours but can not find any thread about Mavic Air battery mod . I have a Mavic air because it's very compact and suit for me when I have to travel with my camera gears . I only found this : DJI Mavic Air Battery...
  10. seowashdc

    Mavic Pro New Battery - Only LED #1 Flashing During Charge

    I also posted this over at the official DJI forum, but wanted to see if anyone's experienced this: Well, this is curious... I purchased a new DJI Mavic Pro battery earlier today from an authorized DJI retailer. When I opened the box and attached the battery to the DJI Mavic Pro battery...
  11. C

    Mavic Air Battery Questions

    Hello everyone, Another question from a newbie. I usually fly every day, but with all the rain I haven’t had a chance so it’s been 10 days since my last flight. I charged up the battery to 100 precent after my last use as I always do and today 10 days later I noticed that the battery felt...
  12. K

    What do you guys do to keep your batteries in good shape

    Hello, I have seen a lot of clips on youtube about how important it is to keep your batteries healthy, but what tips do you guys have. Do you drive your drone down to 15-25% battery then come home and charge it back up right away to around 40% in order to store it better? I always used to...
  13. M

    Batteries and high temps.

    Hello, By mistake my drone and three batteries were left in my vehicle for three days when the outside temp was 108°. No telling how hot it got inside the the vehicle. How can I tell if the batteries are ok? Should they be replaced? Three batteries are expensive but I don't want to lose the...
  14. Prospero

    Longer Flight Times Coming

    "A collaboration led by scientists at the University of Maryland (UMD), the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the U.S. Army Research Lab have developed and studied a new cathode material that could triple the energy density of lithium-ion battery electrodes...
  15. smiles

    Should I dispose of battery with hairline cracks?

    One of my Mavic batteries, now over a year old, has developed some cracks. I have read that this is caused by over heating of the lithium battery in storage/discharge. Would be good to hear if this is a common problem and what others have done. Cheers
  16. alphajolt

    New pilot from Raleigh, NC

    Hi guys! Just wanted to introduce myself and my new Mavic Pro Platinum. Still getting used to everything. A lot of tall trees around here. (Lived in NYC all my life). One question I do have is my batteries don't last very long at all - I'm expecting a realistic 20 - 25 minutes but I'm getting...
  17. eroomomni

    Did flying in >100 degree weather do this to my batteries?

    I have puffed Mavic batteries all of a sudden and it might be from the heat. I realize this topic has no doubt been discussed many times. However, I'd like a little advice in a hurry. These batteries pictured below have a lot of hours on them and have served me well. I am working out in the...
  18. Dunczyk

    easyjet regulations

    I just finished talking to the easyjet helpdesk. They said that I could take 2 batteries for hand luggage and one unloaded for an additional one. Anyone can confirm this?
  19. V

    DJI Mavic Air: How to Check how many times a battery is charged?

    Once I bought my Mavic Air Fly More combo, I though It was enough having three batteries to do a decent job flying and taking some interesting footage. First thing was, according to the specs, 21 minutes of flight time times 3 batteries would be over one total hour… WRONG. Having a safe flight...
  20. SkyIScrape

    No LiPO batteries allowed on Allegiant Airlines = No drones allowed

    Just getting ready for my vacation to Florida and per Allegiant Airlines customer service (after being on hold 32 minutes) no drones permitted. When I asked for clarification, the customer service rep said LiPO batteries cannot be carried on or checked, therefore you cannot bring a drone, in my...