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  1. Blue Bird.jpg

    Blue Bird.jpg

    My Bird. I call her, Eagle One
  2. Yaros

    A seagull almost took my drone down while I was overwater

    This was scary! I was returning my drone over water when suddenly out of nowhere I see a seagull flying into it, I push up but it's too late, my drone starts spinning and falling down! I see it spinning and then it loses signal. At that moment I was sure it fell into the sea and was preparing...
  3. N

    Magical Foggy Morning - Sunrise

    Montage of the footage I have done from a single morning. The Gray Heron in the middle of the video is something I'm proud of... I was thinking about putting some of the bird at the beginning, but this way it creates a kind of story... what do you think? Recorded with Mavic 2 Zoom.
  4. JoostGT3

    Close encounter with a bird of prey

    So the other day I was flying with my Mavic Pro over the river near my hometown. Just cruisin', as the weather was quite ok for the first time in days, but nothing special to film. I spotted a bird in the distance, and tried to get a bit closer, but I could have never dreamt of how the footage...
  5. E

    Nearly crashed my drone into over a dozen birds of prey!

    A short drone film I have made recently of birds of prey searching for food with the DJI Mavic Pro! Please give it a watch it you have a spare 2 mins. Appreciate all feedback :) (P.S. I know it's not color graded, my laptop froze and for that day wouldn't allow me to retner Premiere Pro so had...
  6. Albatross Aerial Imaging

    Bird Tried To Attack My Mavic Pro! (Caught on video)

    Hello All, I was doing some filming this past week in Pennsylvania and a bird tried to attack my Mavic over the park I was flying at. Be careful out there around birds, I have heard stories but never had one go for my Mavic.
  7. S

    Mavic scare

    Hi guys I just watched a great video by Ian about how he lost his Mavic and learnt a ton from his advice. Some of his wise words re battery and flying resonated with me after a weekend experience and I thought it could help others too - even though the circumstances were a little different...
  8. Annevanzwol

    Geese :)

  9. UAV Man

    Advice on Bird Attacks??

    Does anyone have advice on the Bird Attacks on drones, I've had a few issues with the Inspire while flying so can only imagine the pesky feathered gits will love the Mavic!!