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  1. A

    3 Shot a 70' Trawler Yacht on a really muggy day in Seattle, how'd it come out?

    Would love some thoughts on my most recent video. Had some trouble making sure the drone footage didn't just come out grey and dark. This is the second boat from the Delta shipyard that I've shot and they're amazing ships. Also I started taking off/landing while the boat is moving instead of...
  2. S

    Mini 2 Peterborough Rowing Lake

    I have lived in Peterborough in the UK for nearly 40 years and in that time it has transformed dramatically as a city. However it has been getting a lot of bad press about being the worse place to live in the UK. I originate from London and based on what it is like now I would never...
  3. A

    Air 2 Another larger vessel, 90' Motor Yacht on Lake Washington

    This was actually all shot in the morning despite the sunset look. It was one of those days that was quiet, still, and orange all day. Only thing that was missing was the green flash from Pirates of the Caribbean. She felt like a gentleman's country club which I later heard was an intentional...
  4. A

    Air 2 A larger boat this time, 100' Motor Yacht by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

    This boat was in near perfect condition due to only having 1 owner who kept it in a boat house for 30 years. One of the more fun shoots I've been on in the last year. Enjoy!
  5. A

    Air 2 Another powerboat video, this time a 38' Trawler w/ night shots!

    This boat is the definition of PNW cruising. Small, compact, slow(er), but meant for rough chop & operation with only 1-2 people. This is one of our earlier videos and so the colors are a bit saturated/overexposed in areas (in my opinion) but that's how you learn! This one features more...
  6. A

    Air 2 Posting a much bigger boat this time, a 75' Motor Yacht

    The bigger boats are much less dynamic and can result in a less engaging video from time to time, when compared to the ~30' speed boats that can do donuts. Does anyone have any recommendations on how we can make things more active without adding tacky transistions/vfx?
  7. A

    3 Recently finished this 30' powerboat video w/ shot in front of Seattle's Ferris Wheel & Space Needle

    Some of my favorite drone shots I've taken this year and has some handheld work as well to show off the interior of the boat. Really fun to shoot! Hope you enjoy watching
  8. blackomega

    Air 2s Test driving two brand new boats

    I was asked to film some footage of two brand new boats from Bridgeview Marine in Prince Rupert BC, Canada It was hard to say no
  9. rickfmdj

    Air 2 Waukegan Down View of Boats

    With MA2 4K30fps
  10. RayKelly

    Air 2 Jensen Beach Sunset

    Sunset video in Jensen Beach, FL with herons, egrets and boats too!
  11. Dany FeelGood

    My Mavic AiR2 plays with Boats !!

    Hello everybody I'm new here and really happy with my Air2 :cool: DJI ND16 FILTER ISO 100 / 60 4K30FPS WHITEBALANCE 5600
  12. blackomega

    The CV9 Yacht

    Oh to have money. Ship spotting video to come later
  13. Claudcw

    Been away from posting but flying...

    Got a little busy with work and no time for anything, barely flying... But here is a quick one me practicing chasing boats ... Fun times.
  14. Surf Rescue SLSGB IRB Championships 2017

    Surf Rescue SLSGB IRB Championships 2017

    ***** This is a short film of the SLSGB IRB Surf Rescue Championships held in Exmouth in September 2017 race only short films will be released soon so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out! *****
  15. Neted076

    Saving a RTH point

    My goal is to ultimately video boats moving through the water. I realize the RTH point needs to be on solid ground. I've looked everywhere and cannot find an answer to this: can a RTH point be saved, like a way-point ? If I'm out on the water and need to change batteries then I'd need to...
  16. E

    A half year in Switzerland

    This is some of the footage I recorded over the last half year. The video starts out in and around the capital region of Bern but goes on to show other parts of Switzerland as well. Lots of trains (maybe too many), especially in the first half of the video ...
  17. B

    Droning in Devon // DJI Mavic Pro (4K)

    Hey guys, Check out my new video on YouTube! Droning in Devon Cheers in advance, appreciate your feedback. James
  18. Suncoast Aerials

    Sandbar Party in Sarasota, FL [4K - Boats - Beach - Dolphins]

    Thanks for watching! Like our page for more videos. Cheers!
  19. Viper

    Water levels in NC

    Shot some footage here a few weeks ago then we had some really heavy rain here lately. Returned to the location and was surprised. The footage with the boat unfortunately I forgot my memory card so that footage was from cache memory.
  20. TheSaffer

    Some footage I took on holiday in South Africa last month.

    This video clip was a clean edit with no color correction and and every shot was done with auto settings. I will post the final edit after the cleanup here next week some time... Overall I am very happy with this little drone! The wind was blowing strong almost every single day this month in...