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  1. Guillermo Menéndez

    Pro Mouth of Cuaró in the Cuareim River (Border Uy-Br)

  2. Guillermo Menéndez

    Pro Flight over the triple border (UY - BR - AR)

    Two overflights in the extreme north of Uruguay. The first one is over the mouth of the Cuareim River in the Uruguay River, triple border with Brazil and Argentina, taking off from Puerto Pedregullo, located within the Rincón de Franquía Environmental Protection Area. The second one, over the...
  3. marciosantos

    Air 2 Flying Mavic Air 2 over Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro

  4. @BelezaPuraFilms

    Air 1 February 2nd is a huge celebration in Brazil! Welcome to Bahia!

    Today is a very special day for many Brazilians and I want to share with you. Have a look, any questions and feedback welcome!
  5. J

    Mini Flight with mini2 in atlantic forest Brazil, passing by old train tracks

    First topic here and first drone too, I accept tips :)
  6. mikeGR

    Flying in Brazil

    Hi fellow pilots, I am visiting Brazil soon, spending time in Rio de Janeiro and Ilha Grande (an island near Rio). Still debating with myself whether to take my MP with me, as I've read online that there are some restrictions and you can't just fly anywhere, anytime. Add to this all the...
  7. A

    Hello from Brazil!! (Salvador-Bahia)

    Hello! New in Mavic Pro! Salvador Bahia Brazil
  8. Z

    Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil

    Hello All, this is Zorzi, from São Paulo, Brazil. I just bought a Mavic pro from my brother and I did 2 flights so far. Hope I will learn a lot and also contribute a lot to this forum. Cheers!
  9. K

    Hello from São Paulo, Brazil / Olá, Brasileiros!

    Just checking in today! Nice forum and content! Hope I can both learn from the pros and contribute with my learnings and shots. One picture from São Paulo I shot today near Avenida Paulista (main avenue in São Paulo – not to say in Brazil =D). Cheers, pilots!
  10. F

    Has anyone traveled to Brazil or Canada recently?

    Hi! Has anyone traveled to Brazil or Canada recently? I'm trying to gather some information on how and where to register a drone, and other possible requirements in those countries... Any solid information is welcome! Thanks in advance! Rod.
  11. ed1nh0

    First attempt in color grading

    This is the first time I shooted in D-Log. I didn't know what this and others modes looks like and what for. Still don't know. Just followed some tutorials and try make some footage. It was shooted in 2.7k @ 30fps. Cam in manual, settings were +1,-2,-2 and did not use ND filter. I did use a LUT...