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Flying in Brazil


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Jun 28, 2017
Hi fellow pilots,

I am visiting Brazil soon, spending time in Rio de Janeiro and Ilha Grande (an island near Rio). Still debating with myself whether to take my MP with me, as I've read online that there are some restrictions and you can't just fly anywhere, anytime. Add to this all the unnecessary attention I might get by flashing out my MP and iPhone, and it probably isn't worth the risk and trouble.

Ideally, I would like to get some aerials over Copacabana/Ipanema, Sugarloaf mountain and Christ the Redeemer, not sure if these locations are even NFZs.

Anyone who has travelled to or lives in Rio/Ilha Grande and can shed some light, appreciated.

Did you ever find out about flying in IIha Grande? I’ll be there in 2 weeks and would love to bring my drone.
I was more looking for feedback from someone who has already flown there, these are generic requirements.

In any case, I didn’t take my drone with me and it seems like I didn’t miss out on anything. Most POIs are anyway no fly zones and there’s police.

In Ilha Grande it should be fine, didn’t notice any issues for someone who wants to fly there.
Any one has any update on this? I am going in December, and I am even contemplating buying the Mavic Mini, to stay below the 250gr weight limit.

I am going to Rio, Iguaçu (wouldn’t fly around the waterfalls) and Porto Alegre.
I am a Canadian tourist with a trip booked for Brazil in January 2020. I would like to bring a 900g drone with me when I arrive in Rio de Janeiro next month, I plan to do some recreational drone flying for personal use. Are there any restrictions/registration requirements for this small consumer drone?

This is the response I received:

Dear Sir/Madam,

In order to fly in Brazil, drones weighing more than 250 grams and less than 25 kg which are operated exclusively on visual line-of-sight below 400 feet above ground level (AGL) need to be inscribed through ‪‬ (only available in Portuguese). The process is done entirely online and free of charge.
It is important to notice that to complete the process, you need to enter a valid Brazilian individual taxpayer identification number or a corporate taxpayer identification number. To obtain an individual or corporate taxpayer identification number, access ‪‬ and follow the procedures. Alternatively, you can register your drone through a Brazilian partner.
You can find more information on the Brazilian rules for operating drones in ‪‬.
Please note that in some cases you may also need a flight authorization from the Department of Airspace Control. Information about this aspect can be found on ‪Departamento de Controle do Espaço Aéreo (only available in Portuguese).

Gerência Técnica do Registro Aeronáutico Brasileiro
‪Avenida Presidente Vargas, 850 - 14º andar - Centro‬
‪CEP 20071-001 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ‬
Tel. ‪+55 (21) 3501-5398‬/5400 / Fax ‪+55 (21) 3501-5440‬
e-mail: ‪[email protected]

AVISO DE CONFIDENCIALIDADE » Este correio eletrônico da Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC), autarquia regida pela Lei Federal Nº 11.182, de 27 de setembro de 2005, foi direcionado exclusivamente a seu destinatário e pode conter informações confidenciais, protegidas por sigilo profissional. Sua utilização desautorizada é ilegal e condiciona o infrator às penas da lei. Caso tenha recebido esta mensagem indevidamente, redirecione ao remetente, esclarecendo o equívoco.

Would my drone get confiscated if I attempt to bring it into Brazil...I don’t have a Brazilian tax identification number as I am Canadian.
I intend on getting it registered somehow while I am over there, If that is possible ?

Will I encounter problems at customs if my bring my unregistered drone to rio with me
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