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Flying In Rio de Janeiro...


Sep 23, 2018
I'm looking for information on flying in Rio...

Recommendations on places to fly? Things to take pictures of.

Also a way to fly near the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Thanks in advance.
This seems up to date (Feb 2022).

Drone Laws in Brazil - Drone Laws

Maybe check if the places you wish to fly are in national parks / reserves, seems they require special permissions.

I searched for the mentioned "Drone fly Map" nothing much came up.

This site below mentions using the DJI Flysafe map, so not sure if Brazil has drone apps like many airspace regulators have for drone pilots.

Edit. Obviously the Mini / Mini2 would be the least hassle to take and fly down there, still sticking to all the regular drone rules they have in place, just no need to register.
There are many places to fly in Rio.
Botanical Garden is great, but you need to take off from the outside. Use the street on the back.
End of Leblon beach or Arpoador beach rocks close to sunset. Great views.
Also Barra da Tijuca at sunset.
Flying around the Christ could be a problem. Not sure if you can fly from there, and also there some helycopter flyghts around there. If you fly there, fly close to you due to that.
Also Sao Conrado beach, is a beach not too big, surounded by montains and forest, with a nice golf course there and it´s the place where you can find a lot of paragliders there. They land at the end of the beach, close to where you should take off.
I forgot to mention downtown near the port there is the Museu do Amanha and the rea near the port that was remodeled at the 2016 Olympics. But it´s close to the metro airport and you should get a "no fly zone" from DJI.
But a camera will do fine there.

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