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  1. Tanner Harris

    Drones in Agriculture

    I had a fantastic opportunity to chat with Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News. We discuss drone operations in agriculture and the progress that's been made measuring ROI. Give it a read! The Challenge of Measuring ROI in Drone Operations
  2. B

    Using Drone for Business(In-house)

    I am purchasing a drone for personal use. Would I have to obtain a certificate to use it for my business? The video/picture wouldn't be sold to customers but rather used as a guide for the workers. No footage would be sold.
  3. B

    How much should I charge

    I am semi new to this I have been flying my drone for awhile but I want to get into making money I already have my licences to fly it. I just want to know how much I should charge people, or how much others charge.
  4. E

    Drone Business, suggestions and advice?

    Hi everybody, So I've been really on the idea of trying to start up a business flying drones. There are so many uses for aerial footage from art to real estate to advertising etc. that I think it would be feasible to eventually do this full time (down the road with a lot of hard work of...
  5. Britishbigfoot

    Greetings from the North West UK

    Hi all, it's nice to be here. This community is really on the ball, and certainly very active! Drone Factor is a new startup on Wirral, Merseyside. We're currently running three drones and are insured by insure4drones. We've got our PfCO (there are two of us under it piloting) and we're looking...
  6. I

    Don't be and idiot like me

    I am in the process of starting my aerial photography business and have been flying drones for more than 3 years. I worked at a hobby shop and knew you only need to pay $5 for registration. Of course when I went to register my Mavic for business use, I came across the Federal Drone...
  7. H

    (edited) How much would you charge someone for a roof inspection?

    Title says it all, purely as an indication of things such as clogged gutters, weather damage, chimney damage etc. This would really help me out a lot thanks guys! This poll has been edited from my previous thread. Feel free to reply with suggestions :)
  8. oJFw

    Going Pro: Training Course(s) – Chris Newman @ Cinechopper

    Hey all, Writing to you from Sydney, Australia. Hope you're all having a good day. I'm considering upping my flight- and editing skills to a level of professionally with a small future business venture in mind. I've already created a pretty substantial catalogue of online courses and classes...
  9. I

    Aerial Prints

    Quick Shout. If you're in the UK, this may help. Reviewed a company that produces canvas prints & posters. Quick turn around, and can send direct to clients, plain packaging. Not paid by them, no connection to them.