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  1. Banjostring

    Well That Came Around Quick

    I had to renew my operator ID today as it’s been a whole year since I first got my Air 2. I’m glad it’s only £9 to renew. Heads up. I didn’t realise that I would be given a whole new Operator ID when you renew. I now have the fun task of getting sharpie off my drone. I am looking forward to...
  2. 1

    Drone survey for pilots ( A-level project)

    My name is Adam Forbes and I am a keen product design student from Falmouth in Cornwall. I have a driving passion for cutting edge technology and especially aviation. I am a year 12 college student from Falmouth Sixth form and I am currently carrying out research on drones and some of their...
  3. theDRONEranger

    Caution with the new DJI FPV

    Dear forum members, I strongly urge each and every one of you to seek advice concerning the new DJI FPV drone combo. With the new FPV proffering comes responsibility. As each and every country has different rules pertaining to piloting a UAS, I would highly recommend you check your home...
  4. J

    Question about public parks (UK)

    Hi, I have just bought a Mavic Mini 2 and passed the CAA flyer ID even though it's not a requirement yet for sub 250g drones. I was under the impression that you can fly drones over public parks (just for test actually) as they are not built up areas, however the CAA guide says recreational...
  5. I

    Clueless, Careless & Criminal Which are you?

    Clueless, Careless & Criminal ... Shocking statement from the head of Unmanned traffic Management at NATS on how they classify drone users to the government Science & Technology committee... truly has to be a "Gerrald Ratner" Moment Read more here: Clueless, Careless & Criminal: New NATS Drone...
  6. I

    CAA Release CAP1789: Is this the death of PFCO in UK?

    CAA have published #CAP1789. It's the EU Drone regulation package to be adopted by all member states in July 2020. This is a major shift on focus from segregated Commercial/recreational classed #Drone flights in the UK, to one class of "remote pilots". This means you will no longer need a #PFCO...
  7. I

    Registered your Mavic with the FAA? Better check what info is made Public

    If you registered your Drone in USA with FAA, 107 etc then you need to check what info is open to the public... make sure you do it ASAP
  8. I

    What IS a congested area?

    So had this asked on #mail this week... any ideas?
  9. I

    CAA launch drone use consultation ahead of UK New Laws

    CAA launch #drone use consultation ahead of Nov 2019 registration/competency test & flight notification #industry #uav #notification CAA Drone registration consultation - ikopta
  10. H

    Zambian drone regulations

    Dear fellow drone operators, I'm looking tot take my Mavic Pro with me next year when I'm traveling to Zambia. The only issue being the fact that I am stuck on the regulations, and contact from both the CAA and embassy as some suggested I should try and contact, are not getting me anywhere...
  11. G

    Selling Drone Photos/Footage on Stock Websites

    Hello everyone, I searched for similar threads but couldn't find an exact case. The only one I saw was this comment, but I just wanted to be sure. So, I live in the UK, and as a hobbyist, I haven't registered my drone and don't have a license. I know you'll need a license if you want to fly...
  12. I

    UK Drone Consultation Walk through.. So Important you do it.

    If you haven't already, take the time to go through the UK Drone public consultation.. so many elements that will effect flying UAV in the UK. Part 1.
  13. I

    Fake Drone Registration Schemes - DON'T GET RIPPED!!

    Rant Friday. I hate people getting Ripped off! So US Drone owners need to avoid sites that "HELP" you register your UAS Drone. Already UK Done Flyers are being targeted by "PRE-REGISTRATION"... DON'T.. There is no registration scheme yet. It won't be launched til 30th November 2019! FAA Link...
  14. I

    DfT launch Drone Consultation - Have your say

    BIG stuff! Drone Consultation launched..So important that you have your say on the proposals. Do it before the end of August 2018.
  15. I

    Handy Tools that let you know where to fly & When NOT to fly.

    If your not using them already, great links to keep you informed about where to fly & when not to fly in the UK. RAF notification line & CAA Skywise.
  16. I

    DJI Go4 App: What height is your drone Really flying at??

    So with new 400ft max coming into force this month for all craft over 250g in weight, got an interesting issue with the Go4app. What height is it actually reading? CAA say 400ft is from the surface. Which one? where the pilot is? Where the craft takes off? Where someone is standing that thinks...
  17. Ian in London

    CAA confirmation that land owners cannot prevent you flying over their land

    So my evening flight over Stonehenge raised a few eyebrows and called into the question the legitmicay of land owners being able to prevent you from flying over their land. To be clear, I'm talking about taking off from adjacent or common land, but flying over private land, adhering to the usual...
  18. G

    Another unsubstantiated "drone" near miss

    Drone near miss 'down to providence' OK, seems sensible so far...could be a drone... Lets read further:- Right OK, so its a 1 metre by half a metre "drone" cruising along at 6,000ft AGL. Yeah plausible. But as per usual the Airprox board and CAA trot out soundbites without ever seriously...
  19. PsychoTeapot

    Adding Mavic to PfCO - how hard is it?

    The company I work for has run a Phantom 2 for a few years, and I duly qualified with the CAA for commercial work. The Permission is up for renewal in November, and while it's tempting to just carry on with the tired old P2, I am wondering how tricky it would be to add a Mavic to the PfCO (and...
  20. UAV Man

    Global rules and guideline article

    Great article from 'GEOSPATIAL'. They've tried to cover all areas on the world. Worth a read: The present scenario of global drone regulations and laws