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Registered your Mavic with the FAA? Better check what info is made Public


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Oct 15, 2016
If you registered your Drone in USA with FAA, 107 etc then you need to check what info is open to the public... make sure you do it ASAP
Each can decide, but it is the law. I did not have to enter or receive any information that is not already available to anyone with reasonable computer skills to obtain my FAA number and my FAA number is visible to everyone who may see my drone visually. Still it builds a user base and generates hits for public media forum posters, like YouTube channels for instance.

I understand concerns, but believe that anything except personal thoughts/opinions kept in one’s mind has now become “public” data.
Each can decide, but it is the law.

Point being, if you'd watched the video, is that there is a process for reacting some of your personal information from the public. There's nothing in the video about deciding not to register.
For decades and even now, the FCC has made public HAM radio license addresses and names... it’s not a new issue by any means. I used to have a vanity plate on my trucks advertising my call sign, but let that one go now that everyone has mobile internet access. Just don’t post your registration number(s) on the web.
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