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  1. Drone Master

    FAA is now hiring New Entry Level Air Traffic Controllers!

    Perhaps you may qualify and help make a difference! We need all the help we can get! Jobs
  2. theDRONEranger

    Hello FAA (or Nat'l Equalivent) or . . . Confessions Are Good For The Soul

    It really does give me humor and horror when I read and realize how many pilots out there, (in the many wonderful lands around the globe), lend themselves to self confession. Examples are varied and many of the violations. Violations either by mistake or on purpose. Violations such as "I did...
  3. theDRONEranger

    Drone nickname change on FAA www.

    Anyone have any idea how to change the nickname of a drone on the FAA registration page?
  4. D

    No fly indicator

    Why when in R-4006 controlled airspace in Heathsville, VA with a restriction of 3500’ and up do many apps I look at show it as a no fly zone?
  5. mikeGR

    Flying in SFO and LAS under section 336

    Hi fellow drone pilots, Visiting San Francisco and Las Vegas for a couple of days next week and taking my MP with me. I have registered my drone with FAA under section 336 (since I am a tourist) and downloaded the B4UFLY app to check where I can fly and where I can't . Well, it seems that all...
  6. H

    FAA Facebook LIVE Q&A

    Received email from FAA. Drone pilots! Join our Facebook LIVE Q&A: Airspace for Drone Pilots Please join FAA Safety Inspector Kevin Morris and our team of experts on April 25 at 3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET for a Facebook Live Question and Answer session on why airspace matters when you are...
  7. B

    Where does the sky become FAA?

    I don't think this has even been hammered out yet in the courts, but where does the sky come under the jurisdiction of the FAA? I asked because there is an interesting story over here: NASCAR teams up with DroneShield to bring down unwanted drones at racing events Basically NASCAR has...
  8. I

    Registered your Mavic with the FAA? Better check what info is made Public

    If you registered your Drone in USA with FAA, 107 etc then you need to check what info is open to the public... make sure you do it ASAP
  9. Roy Rogers

    A Drone Flying Above The Clouds

    Before making a fuss about FAA 400ft please read YouTube video description Thanks for watching
  10. Ziz ONE

    3 Maps, 0 Clues

    So the title is a bit misleading, I have somewhat of a clue to what i am looking at, but would really appreciate some guidance. I had three phone Apps, with somewhat sinilar yet different displays for my area. I know in general what is where in my area, like the international airport, the...
  11. I

    USA Drone Flying.. Are you labelled up?

    25th Feb 2019 new USA FAA rule about label location $27500.00 max fine if not displayed... do you think they'll make an example of someone?
  12. T

    Part 107 IACRA verification

    Hello, and thanks in advance for your help. I passed the FAA part 107 knowledge on Dec 20th, however IACRA still will not recognize my test ID. I realize the holidays caused a slow-down, but this seems excessively long as many more than 48 business hours have passed since elapsed since passing...
  13. mrhinman

    DJI GEO maps and FAA maps conflict? Help!

    I'm new to DJI drones. I've flown other non-internet aircraft in the past (still do) and I'm a bit confused by the geo-fencing that DJI has. I fly frequently in a local park ("Beal Park" on the maps below) as it is on the edge of the Class C boundary, and according to the FAA UAS map, I'm in the...
  14. I

    What IS a congested area?

    So had this asked on #mail this week... any ideas?
  15. Twice_Knightly

    Traveling from Seattle to Australia Brisbane with Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey there, I'll be flying to Brisbane Australia in a few weeks and I plan to bring my Mavic 2 Pro and batts as a carry-on with my fly more bag. Not too worried about TSA giving any problems when boarding in Seattle just wondering what I should be aware of when arriving in Brisbane and going...
  16. W

    New Law Would Give Feds the Right to Shoot Down Your Drone

    Buried in an FAA bill that comes to the House floor Wednesday is language that lets the FBI and DHS shoot down “credible threats.” New law would give feds the right to shoot down private drones in U.S. “But critics say the language in the bill doesn't define credible threats or areas where...
  17. M

    Reckless drone flights posted on Facebook. Report?

    So I recently got my part 107 to offer professional photographery services for businesses. Being aware of these regulations I start to see all sorts of drone videos in my feed that include: aerial footage of a forest fire, a video labeled "here's *town name* from 1500 feet, and flights GPS...
  18. P

    Flying in NYC & NJ

    Hello fellow pilots ! I will be visiting NYC for a week and would love to take some amazing shots of lower manhattan. From what I've googled so far I understand it's almost impossible to legally fly. Due to NYC restriction which forbids any drones in the whole NYC. However there are countless...
  19. I

    Fake Drone Registration Schemes - DON'T GET RIPPED!!

    Rant Friday. I hate people getting Ripped off! So US Drone owners need to avoid sites that "HELP" you register your UAS Drone. Already UK Done Flyers are being targeted by "PRE-REGISTRATION"... DON'T.. There is no registration scheme yet. It won't be launched til 30th November 2019! FAA Link...
  20. CanyonRunVideos

    Press Release – FAA Statement – Federal vs. Local Drone Authority

    On June 20, 2018, The F.A.A. dispatched an immediately press release regarding "F.A.A. vs. Local Drone Authority". Press Release – FAA Statement–Federal vs. Local Drone Authority This F.A.A. press release statement says that NO STATE, NO COUNTY, NO CITY or local governments are permitted to...