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Please help


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May 28, 2020
So am I the novice Recreational flyer (dont have PART 107) when it comes to FAA registration and all. My question is I got the Class D airport authorization from FAA to fly. but in the PDF they provided under the 'Coordination and Communication requirements section " they mentioned an email and asked to email them with name and contact information and time of operation of PIC.. So please advise, do I need to inform them again before flying the drone with my contact info or do I need to get any other Authorization

Thanks in advance to all fellow memebers.
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Hi .,
I really wish I could help you but I’m in Alberta and our regulations aren’t the same , but I thought someone would be able to give you an answer.
I would think you would have to contact them on the day you intend to fly as to give them a time that you’re starting etc .
Are you able to. do this without your license ??.
In Canada you can’t fly at all without a license and our basic license doesn’t allow you to fly in any controlled airspace i, you can only fly in G space until you do the second exam and a flying test .

Well I hope you can get an answer from an American pilot who knows the FAA rules and regulations.

What drone are you flying ?? .
I recently got a m2z and it’s awesome..
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I’ve never notified them based on the PDF.
You also may have to go to the DJI website to get the unlock. You would upload that PDF
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