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  1. D

    Electronic ‘in flight’ Drone ID Proposed

    According to recode, the FAA wants to create a remote drone ID system which would work ‘in flight’ More here: Drones may soon have to identify themselves electronically while in flight
  2. TerryJ

    Yes, I'm a snitch!!

    I am so tired of irresponsible drone owners who cannot follow the rules!! I have absolutely had it with people ruining it for the rest of us. I have seen dozens upon dozens of YouTube video of people doing absolutely unbelievably stupid things with their UAV or drones. I have decided to start...
  3. Digitaldias

    FAA registration duration?

    Just curious how long the 5$ registration with the FAA is valid for? I am travelling to Seattle in January, and might be back again in july, and if the registration is only valid for a year at the time, I may want to delay it.
  4. K

    Newbie looking for help on where to fly legally

    Hey everyone, just got my first drone and I am super confused on these FAA laws. I know i'm not allowed to fly withing 5 miles of an airport, no higher then 400ft above a structure, over people and in restricted areas. What I just don't seem to comprehend is on the NJ map by b4ufly it seems...
  5. T

    Question about FAA 400ft height restriction

    2 part question. I have property in the hills some on flat ground and some very tall hills. In some places I can walk up a hill and be over the 400 ft in elevation in just a short 1/2 mile walk. My question is do I measure from where I take off? and then if I fly over the valley do I have to...
  6. R

    Is this even legal?

    This is for the folks with some aviation/legal background. For those who have not had an unexpected NFZ forced landing, I wish you never do, but many of us have. I am talking about being in the air, either by self authorizing, or it not being necessary due to the software not catching it, or...
  7. Mark Rowan

    FAA and follow me mode

    This is a copy of my post at InspirePilots forum. FAA UAS regulations for recreational hobbyist and commercial pilots requires that the PIC (pilot in charge) must operate the aircraft in line of sight. This basically means that using a follow me or tracking mode would not be allowed. However...
  8. M

    New FAA Study is Good Drone Safety News

    Nice to see some real research that shows drones are not all that dangerous. I just hope the news gets out to the general public. Not holding my breath... "Much to drone company DJI’s delight, a new FAA-commissioned report assures us that we have nothing to fear when it comes to drones. The new...
  9. Peel

    The Future of FAA Authorization: LAANC

    Great new video from Remote Pilot 101 on the direction that the FAA is working toward for airspace authorization and waivers:
  10. M

    Best Training Courses for Passing FAA Remote Certificate

    Any recommendations for the best training (preferably online) to prepare for and pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test for a Remote Pilot Certificate. I saw this one FAA Drone Certification Test Prep | Drone Pilot Ground School
  11. F

    Costa Rica Rules and Regulations

    I'm not getting too many hits over at the sUAV R&Rs thread so I thought I'd drop this here in case anyone wanted to share their experiences... I'm traveling to Costa Rica at the end of the month and I've done some research into the rules and regulations I may encounter during my trip. I've...
  12. F

    Costa Rica DGAC

    I'm traveling to Costa Rica at the end of the month and I've done some research into the rules and regulations I may encounter during my trip. I've already gotten some lipo bags for my batteries (for the flight) but my bigger concern is the recreational sUAV laws of the country. I've read...
  13. Cutaway

    Love the Mavic but also no like...

    Is there a fairly capable drone that is under .55 lbs? It doesn't have to match the Mavic's awesomeness. Maybe 2K/8MP camera, software gimbals, 1-2 mi range, 20 min flight time. It's exasperating to deal with rules and regulations....federal, state, local, parks. Take all the joy out of it...
  14. DodgeP

    Part 107 - Harder than expected!

    Just finished taking the test and I have to tell anyone who's using the free study guides they're finding online, you need to know your stuff frontwards, backwards and sideways. I used all the free resources I could find and only about 5 questions out of 60 were in any of the stuff I used. My...
  15. C

    Taking my drone to the US?

    Do not think this has been asked before (apologies if it has), a search did not turn anything up. As all (proper) drones have to be registered in the US. Do I need to do anything if I am going there on vacation? Do I still need to register it with the FAA? Thanks!
  16. UAV Man

    Global rules and guideline article

    Great article from 'GEOSPATIAL'. They've tried to cover all areas on the world. Worth a read: The present scenario of global drone regulations and laws