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  1. G

    Mavic 3 RC Pro not caching anything

    Not sure if I’m missing something but I have Cache videos turned on and raised the storage limit just in case. But I get nothing when I go to media, except the full res files directly from the drone in the left hand tab. The right hand tab is called “saved” and there’s nothing in there. All the...
  2. aaron321

    How can I quickly fuse the DJI Go 4 audio cache to the video files?

    Is there a quick and easy way to fuse the audio cache from the DJI Go 4 app to the video recording? It seems like a long, drawn out process if I just want to watch the HQ version of my video with the cached audio patched in. Why not provide an option that lets you combine these two files...
  3. R

    Stopped caching videos to my phone

    I have DJI Fly 1.2.0 Very recently my phone stopped caching videos, photos ok, from my Mavic Air 2. It's set to cache when recording and 2gb cache capacity. I've tried >profile>settings>clear cache>clear Video Cache, and it sets it to 0MB, but I can still see old cached files 1) If I...
  4. Amarand

    Audio from Cached Video?

    I've been fiddling with recording more video (I'm a photographer, mainly), and I see where you can enable Cache During Video Shooting as well as Record Audio with Video Cache. So when I go back to play the video on the phone (DJI Go)/controller pair, I can hear the audio being recorded by my...
  5. J

    Phone Cache vs Micro SD

    Hi, really sorry if this has been covered but I couldn't find. Is there a benefit to saving to Micro SD as opposed to direct to my Iphone cache? I have a large memory on iphone but upon taking the video off yesterday (my SD card was full) it seemed at a lower quality to that of the SD card...
  6. vancavage

    Pics/Video cache on iPhone

    I previously had a Spark. I never used any type of memory card or anything. The pictures by default saved to my normal picture albums on my phone and my videos saved within my dji app. Now with my Air the pictures are still saving directly to my Phones pictures but my video says my cache is full...
  7. M

    Cached video

    Hello everybody! I'm a new user and I want to thank you all for the interesting things I've found here. Here I come with the issue, what's the logic behind the file caching? I mean, if I go to the Editor I can't find all the videos I've recorded but just a few of them. The setting were never...
  8. J

    Video cache iCloud sync

    Hi. Just got my Mavic 2 days ago and loves my it. Have synced my logs (having lost my first days flights) now my iCloud storage is almost full. If I have synced are the videos stored on DJI servers and can I turn off iCloud backup or is it just the flight logs?? Thanks for help. Ps for some...