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  1. CandyMan_ZA

    Mavic Pro Compass Error (Magnetic Interference when camera facing down)

    Some may recall my previous post where a Black Eagle took my MP out. I have now replaced it. I have however been experiencing intermittent Compass Errors due to Magnetic Interference. All software is up to date. So, I did some testing just now, while calibrating the compass in a big open field I...
  2. McTerry

    Have You Calibrated Your Phone?

    So this may seem strange, and I am not sure if it could cause an issue with drones but it just might. I have had my Google Pixel for a year now and just today realized it also needs to be calibrated. While the location always showed up just fine, the direction it was facing would sometimes be...
  3. A

    IMU won't calibrate

    After updating to the latest version, and playing around with the flight simulator for a while, I was going to update some settings when I noticed a compass calibration warning. The calibration didn't seem to work in my office so I took it outside where I also noticed an IMU update warning which...
  4. P

    Calibrating Mavic GPS

    Is it possible to calibrate the Mavic's GPS coordinates using the software ? I want to take the Mavic to a known survey point and correct the on board GPS coordinates to match the known survey point's coordinates. Currently the Mavic's GPS coordinates don't match the survey point accurately and...
  5. C

    IMU Calibration Camera Shake.

    When doing a IMU calibration DJI states that you don't want any vabration, but when I am doing one and I am at the stage of pointing the camera to the sky the camera knocks around and causes the Mavic to virate very badly. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to put the Mavic in a different...