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  1. N

    Gimbal Motor Overloaded

    Welcome to my story of Gimbal Motor Overload. Around 4 months ago I starting getting the dreaded GMO pop up while flying my Mavic 2 Zoom. The camera wouldn't stabilize and thought that's not ideal, packed it away and decided to sort it at a later date. Couple of weeks later I took it out for a...
  2. J

    Calibrate required for GPS Accuracy?

    Is it possible to calibrate the Mavic 2 with the Litchi App? My Litchi Waypoints are quite accurate but every once in a while they are off - so I usually have to calibrate in DJI 4 and then restart everything to get the Home Point re-positioned. Does Calibrate help with GPS Positioning...
  3. B

    Gimbal needs to be calibrated often

    I've had my Mavic 2 Pro for a couple years, rarely if ever calibrating the gimbal, but lately it's been getting misaligned (crooked horizon) often. At my last shoot, it happened 2 or 3 times: horizon was crooked, I ran calibration, then it was fine. I haven't had any collisions or anything...
  4. T

    Endless compass calibration

    Hi Everyone. I'm having an issue with my Mavic 2 Pro. When trying to calibrate the compass, the app reverts back to the first instruction after "completing" the two spins. The dialogue box states that calibration is complete, but then asks for the process to be started over again. When I cancel...
  5. CandyMan_ZA

    Mavic Pro Compass Error (Magnetic Interference when camera facing down)

    Some may recall my previous post where a Black Eagle took my MP out. I have now replaced it. I have however been experiencing intermittent Compass Errors due to Magnetic Interference. All software is up to date. So, I did some testing just now, while calibrating the compass in a big open field I...
  6. McTerry

    Have You Calibrated Your Phone?

    So this may seem strange, and I am not sure if it could cause an issue with drones but it just might. I have had my Google Pixel for a year now and just today realized it also needs to be calibrated. While the location always showed up just fine, the direction it was facing would sometimes be...
  7. A

    IMU won't calibrate

    After updating to the latest version, and playing around with the flight simulator for a while, I was going to update some settings when I noticed a compass calibration warning. The calibration didn't seem to work in my office so I took it outside where I also noticed an IMU update warning which...
  8. P

    Calibrating Mavic GPS

    Is it possible to calibrate the Mavic's GPS coordinates using the software ? I want to take the Mavic to a known survey point and correct the on board GPS coordinates to match the known survey point's coordinates. Currently the Mavic's GPS coordinates don't match the survey point accurately and...
  9. C

    IMU Calibration Camera Shake.

    When doing a IMU calibration DJI states that you don't want any vabration, but when I am doing one and I am at the stage of pointing the camera to the sky the camera knocks around and causes the Mavic to virate very badly. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to put the Mavic in a different...