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controller connection

  1. S

    New controller won't pair to old mini 2

    Hello all! I just bought a new controller for my mini 2, as the old one bit the proverbial dust. I've tried all steps I know of to pair it, but nothing has worked, and I can't really find anything online to help. Does anyone have any tips?
  2. J

    M2P controller and simulators

    Hello! I was wondering if there is any way to connect the M2P controller to the DJI flight simulator or Velocidrone. I have been trying for the past couple of days and have found no way to do this. Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. O

    dji go 4 application does not connect - Help

    Hello, I have a problem: the dji go 4 application does not connect to the Drone. The command connects to my Mavic 2 pro, my Samsung S9 phone is connected with the cable to the command, the application opens but does not connect to the drone. The command remains in "OPTI MODUS" Thanks for the...
  4. M

    Controller works well with a different drone?

    Hi guys, I crashed my Mavic Pro and now I'm getting a second hand one. This time, I'll only buy the drone without the control or battery, as I have everything from the Fly More Combo. I wonder if the controller of my crashed drone will work well with the second hand drone? I haven't heard from...
  5. L

    Mavic pro no status and not communicating

    Hello, My Mavic Pro is not working, The Mavic status light does not light up any colour on startup and i cannot connect5 my controller. I have Tried rebinding the controller but the drone does not seem to go into pairing mode or do anything. (Note the dose move the gimble and propellors on...
  6. N

    USB C to micro USB - anyone get working?

    So now am owner of note 8, and trying to work a way to prevent phone charging from the controller, via using the micro USB port. I have successfully connected via the full size USB on the underside, but this charges phone (as we all know). I brought a USB C to micro USB cable, which allows me...