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controller connection

  1. M

    Controller works well with a different drone?

    Hi guys, I crashed my Mavic Pro and now I'm getting a second hand one. This time, I'll only buy the drone without the control or battery, as I have everything from the Fly More Combo. I wonder if the controller of my crashed drone will work well with the second hand drone? I haven't heard from...
  2. L

    Mavic pro no status and not communicating

    Hello, My Mavic Pro is not working, The Mavic status light does not light up any colour on startup and i cannot connect5 my controller. I have Tried rebinding the controller but the drone does not seem to go into pairing mode or do anything. (Note the dose move the gimble and propellors on...
  3. N

    USB C to micro USB - anyone get working?

    So now am owner of note 8, and trying to work a way to prevent phone charging from the controller, via using the micro USB port. I have successfully connected via the full size USB on the underside, but this charges phone (as we all know). I brought a USB C to micro USB cable, which allows me...