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    Hey guys new flyer I recently was messing around with all the features the mini 2 has and used the spiral I had the idea that it sensed whenever near something it ended up crashing and got cracked on top everything else is fine thankfully. I do have insurance but wonder if it’s worth using the...
  2. O

    Tiny micro crack and sligt protrusion on fuselage

    I recently noticed two sligt protrusions and a tiny crack on the fuselage right above both front leg hinge mechanisms. I believe that the screw in the mechanism is protruding up towards the plastic above which has now caused a tiny micro crack, I fear that this crack might expand. has anybody...
  3. H

    Help- dji mavic pro 2 crashed into 130m building

    Hi guys, I've been flying drone in park and lost signal, alt 120m and distance 2000m. After loosing the signal it tried to return home but then it it crashed onto the building on the way home. Before it crashed the I change the to position mode, should've the sensors stopped it from crashing...
  4. J

    Mavic Air Crack in frontarm

    hey guys, Unfortunetly I crashed with my magic air the other day. First I thought, it was alright but after careful inspection I found a crack in the frontarm. Any recommendations how to fix it or should I send it in to replace the whole arm? I was thinking to get a a two component adhesive and...
  5. V

    Rear arm dent

    After flying indoors today, my Mavic crashed into a wall and (fortunately) landed on a sofa with the camera pointing up, so no damage at all aside from some scuffs and small dents on the blades (by the way, are they still ok to use? from what I've read the Mavic can withstand that). My main...