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  1. R

    Cruise Control Crash

    I was flying my M4P in a boat harbor today and crashed it, I was flying towards a bridge, planning to go under it and I enabled cruise control about 30 feet before the bridge to make the shot smoother. I ended up crashing the drone into the side of the bridge, and it fell into the water. I saw...
  2. Cullensmith

    Crows vs me Crows win

    Don’t fly your drones near crows. Just not a good idea. $1500 gone. Drone crashed in deep brush. Finally found and stood on last know location. It is now gone. Get a GPS transponder with strobe and distress alarm to track your drone in these types of situations. Thanks
  3. Partizans

    DJI GO Stability on Android -vs- IOS

    I see this topic has not been touched upon for more than 7 months, and is worth rehashing because of updates to programs and operating systems... I'm an Android-tablet user, but am considering purchasing an IOS-tablet just for FPV use with the Mavic Pro (Platinum). The reason is that...
  4. TreeburnerCT

    Android Tablet Compatible w/ DJI Go 4

    Originally I planned to use my old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for flying my Mavic but unfortunately it's too old and gets no live video feed, so I've been using my regular phone, a Samsung S6 Active. However it wouldn't fit in the RC holder with a case on, the battery life leaves a lot to be desired...
  5. K

    Mavic Home Point Reset After DJI GO 4 Crashed

    Two days ago I was flying my Mavic Pro over St. Augustine beach. As has been happening since the Spark was introduced, the DJI GO 4 app crashed midflight. The problem was that when I restarted the app, the battery on the Mavic was low and went into the RTH mode. This would normally be ok, but...
  6. PaulArcher

    Got DJI Care Refresh, Is it worth it for you?

    Hello, I got DJI care Refresh a few weeks ago after I got attacked by bees. It was 2 months after I got the drone. They approved it fast after I sent a video of the drone working. Before Getting into it, I killed time by getting informed and made a video about this: I underlined the...
  7. R

    Nvidia Shield K – unsafe to fly?

    Given the fairly consistent DJI Go 4 crashes while using the Nvidia Shield K tablet, I suggest that for safety reasons it is irresponsible to fly the Mavic-Nvidia-Go combination. Has anyone experienced this software crashes and found a solid solution? Jan 7 2017: Haven't had a single problem...