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    Home Point Set Notification

    Steadily getting through the manual and then putting elements into practice. First couple of flights on Wednesday but only short one's as the wind in York had a bit of punch behind it. Anyway, come the day, I seem to have forgotten half of what I had drilled into myself to remember, so many...
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    Missing Flight data

    Hi all, Bear in mind, I am new to all this, especially with the DJI stuff. So yesterday had a couple of first flights with the MP, having configured my "iPad Mini 4" with DJI Go 4 (latest) and HDSync to upload the flight data to "healthydrones". So followed all instructions to the letter...
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    Advice on Ipad Mini 4 ...... Non Apple user!!

    Hi, Looking at getting the iPad mini 4 for my MP, currently have the Nexus 7 (2013) but the horror stories I hear about Android devices and MP are a little off putting. I appreciate for GPS I would need the WiFi + Cellular Version, but where I am stuck is on the size to go for; 16Gb, 32gb or...
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    New Purchase - Advice before starting

    Just received the Mavic last night, and due to other commitments its going to be a couple of days before I can start taking a look. A couple of questions spring to mind after glancing at the manual: Do you have to connect a mobile device to the handset to setup and register the craft ? When...
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    Potential Mavic Purchase

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone might be able to answer my questions prior to purchase, and I must say having read some of the shocking DJI support stories I am a little concerned. Looking at purchasing the combo pack direct from DJI (think its the UK site), and also looking at purchasing the Care...