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    How important is true line of sight?

    Hi all, newbie to the forums here. Yesterday I sent my Mavic up to do a track of my boat at anchor. The boat was in a cove surrounded by big hills and trees but of course I was flying out to sea. I launched from the shore with GPS set and took shelter under a small bush from the sun. The boat...
  2. P

    Mavic Pro perpetually "Connecting"

    Hi all, First of all let me say I think this quad is amazing, or was when it was working. I received it last week and all was well. Firmware updated before first use through the DJI Go 4 app on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Everything set up and flying perfectly. I flew it twice the first day and...
  3. C

    Disconnected and Gone....Any tips on where to look?

    Sorry to be another frantic soul in search of help (and a $1000 drone), but I am. I was flying up in the canyon near my house and flew following the river around a bend the drone disconnected after a frantic buckle in of my 2 yr old and loading the dog we sped off down the road to try and get...
  4. domination

    Repeated iPhone 7 Plus disconnect in Tripod and Gesture modes?

    New to this hobby, have had my Mavic for a little over month. Overall, I am extremely happy with the purchase. However, having dealt with consumer electronics for so long and considering the incredible amount of technology crammed into this Modern Marvel, my "new tech pain threshold" is...
  5. S

    Mavic Disconnected

    After years of not owning a drone after my Phantom 2 went rogue and crashed in the ocean off Nicaragua, I finally decided to get the Mavic Pro. I was super careful and never flew it over the ocean and made sure I did everything right before a flight. We then go on a 2 week trip to New Zealand...
  6. C

    Disconnected camera view with lightning connector

    I need your help please. I finally got my Mavic today but when I connected the iPhone 6 to the stock lightning connector the camera is not transmitting video in the app and it appears as disconnected. Same happened when I connected it to the iPad. However, when I use the USB port with a normal...