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dji mini 2

  1. M

    Slowly moving drone without any wind

    Hello everyone, today I changed the top cover of my DJI Mini 2 and after everything was screwed back together I noticed that the drone wobbles quite a bit when none of the two control sticks are moved. The test flight was in the evening around 09.30pm and the wind was very calm. Nothing went...
  2. L

    DJI Mini 2 SE 01.00.0300 NFZ Hack

    Hello, I recently purchased a DJI Mini 2 SE which came with version 01.00.0300. I’m wondering if there is a way to upgrade it to version 01.00.0360 which is compatible as listed on the Birdmap and is also antirollback 3. It prompts me to upgrade to a version 01.00.0410 which is is too new. I...
  3. S

    Mini 2 Innovation Day

    Innovation Day 2023
  4. D

    For sale DJI Mini 2 with RcN1

    Selling my DJI Mini 2 with RCN1 and including one set of props. Only flown twice, like new condition, will be sold in its original packaging. Asking $300.
  5. G

    Camera Bug - Mini 2

    Hi everyone, I just bought a second hand DJI Mini 2. I have 24 hours to say if something is wrong so I made few tests. Evrything is fine except that at one moment, the camera glitched completly during 15sec (when I made the camera looking down). Is this kind of issue common with a Mini 2 or...
  6. T.O.M.

    Mini 2 Town reel of Den Bosch, the Netherlands

    Greetings fellow pilots! Just uploaded my town reel of Den Bosch. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!
  7. T.O.M.

    Mini 2 Rocky French Coastline, 4K

    Hi y'all! Last summer I stayed in a small town called La Tranche-sur-mer in France. As it turns it is an awfully boring region (not if you are in to farms and pastures) but there was a nice coastline so I pulled out the Mini 2 and tossed it in the air for a quick flight. Enjoy the video!
  8. L

    DJI MINI 2 Operating temperature (Cold Weather)

    At what temperature can the DJI Mini 2 operate in the cold at. The info I find says anywhere between 0-40 Celsius. But then it goes on to say that it can operate in colder if the batteries are pre warmed. Just wondering if anyone has tested it and found a threshold? Im from Canada and would like...
  9. NightFlightAlright

    Tree Crash and Recovery

    So, my first week with the DJI Mini 2 and THIS SHOT (with sound) This happened right at sunset... I very clearly miss judged the height of this one tree. Something of an optical illusion made me think it was no more than 30 feet tall… In reality it was closer to 80 feet tall. And I could...
  10. Rhett Mullen

    Mini 2 Local State Park - Bird’s Eye View

    Hi there, Here is some drone footage that I took while hiking local park. Let me know what you guys think and thanks so much for your support!!!
  11. Rhett Mullen

    Mini 2 Cinematic Landscape Drone Footage

    Hi there, I'm relatively new to the drone videography/photography space and I recently started my own YouTube channel. Below is attached on of my drone videos if you guys could watch and critique that would be much appreciated!!! (Video was shot with the DJI Mini 2) Thanks so much, Rhett...
  12. Sang82

    No fly zone around small local airport

    Can someone please help I have two apps altitude angel by nats and drone assist The altitude angel shows a huge no fly zone around a small local airport blocking out a much bigger area as a no fly. But the drone assist and also the Dji fly app only show a runway strip. Which one is correct...
  13. J

    Injecting a modified version of a precedent flight

    Hi! I'm trying to find a way to use the data provided by the flight record (if needed) of the dji mini 2 to re-fly a flight I already did. But, I would like to modify the flight (add or remove "waypoints", add or remove an action like taking a picture...), then inject it somehow into the drone...
  14. M

    Mini 2 Morning flight with DJI Mini 2

  15. D_The_Producer

    Flying Over Monuments in Edinburgh and Glasgow

    Hi friends! I just got hired by a drone company and will be doing a training course in Edinburgh (staying in Glasgow). I have read the threat that talks about flying over Edinburgh and it was really helpful, however, I am still not sure if I am allowed to fly over monuments. My idea is...
  16. E

    Mini 2 Droning Mountains & Rivers in Utah - DJI Mini 2 - 4k Green River, UT

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  17. L

    New Tutorial on Caching Maps in the DJI Fly App

    Hi all. I just posted a new tutorial on Caching Maps in the DJI Fly App here: The entire series (now 9 videos) can be found here: Enjoy!
  18. O

    Mini 2 Mini 2 Footage of Burnstown, Ontario

  19. M

    Mini 2 Sunday Morning Flight

  20. I

    Rules for Hawaii

    Good morning to all. Im from italy and next week i will go to Honolulu for a Holiday. I wanna bring with me the Mavic mini 2 and wanna know exactly what i have to do for legally take pics for reacrational use. Also what app you suggest for check limitation. Thank's to all. Best wishes.