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dji refresh

  1. S

    DJI keeps sending me bad refresh drones. Over and over

    I don't know where else to turn. I need to contact somebody from outside the refresh dept. I have more than 4 lemons that all had to be returned. I beg them for a new unit but they keep sending me bad drones. Most of the problems are related to the gimble and it's movement but there have been...
  2. S

    Geek Squad vs DJI Refresh SoCal

    Fellow Drone Enthusiasts, I am going to be purchasing DJI Air 2s as my first drone in the very near future(hopefully today) and I was wondering about a couple combinations of insurance options I've researched. One is to get the DJI Refresh on its own. Another option is to go with the Best Buy...
  3. RawRock

    When returning a Mavic 2 Pro to DJI what should I do?

    Apparently I have a Lemon with my Mavic 2 Pro, and I need to return it for a new one. Should I use my DJI Refresh since it’s only 5 weeks old and I have spent that 5 weeks trouble shooting the drone trying to figure out what was going on with it... Or is this something I can return for a new...
  4. N

    DJI Refresh after 1 year...what next?

    I'm not positively sure but there seems to be a DJI Care Refresh Plus (+) available to extend another year. I don't have the details but I'm assuming that is one option after you are up with your first year. If you extend the following year, then you'll soon be up for another option to...
  5. O

    Aircraft defective how to transfer DJI Refresh

    I have not had my mavic for a week, I bought it from Amazon so I have a 30 day return policy on it. I have from day one been getting an IMU error on it. When you look at the aircraft status information in the IMU it says gyroscope Error. I have calibrated it 30 times nothing is changing this. It...
  6. M

    Mavic Pro for My Business - Warranty? Insurance?

    Hey guys, I purchased a Mavic Pro and I had all sorts of sensor issues. The long story short, is that I shipped it back to Amazon for a refund while I re-thought the whole thing. I have decided to buy another Mavic Pro. The question is, since Refresh is only good for one year, what is the...
  7. MacPap

    DJI Care vs DJI Refresh

    Hi all I am sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere if this is not the right place but i could not find a descent answer. I just got my Mavic (actually charging batteries right now) and looking around I realised that there are 2 policies with DJI but i do not seem to understand the...