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  1. basyok

    Air 2 Doggies love to swim!

  2. VenomXts

    Sunset Hyperlaps with 8k First Try

    Tried the 8k out tonight on the first decent sunset I could come across. Let me know thoughts. Post editing (gama reduction) Pre Editing (right off drone). Bonus if you like Dogs playing fetch or green backyards lol. -Venom
  3. brianv

    Boxer (dog) tries to get Mavic Zoom

    Sarge responds to Mavic Zoom landing in his backyard. This is nothing special except for the good looking dog jumping to get the drone. I have to hold him close and have a stern voice when I land the Mavic, but once its shut down, he backs off his interest in it.
  4. MikeC

    Skiing with Osmo Pocket

    FIlmed with Osmo Pocket and a couple clips with my Mavic 2 Pro.
  5. MikeC

    Dog Sled Race filmed with Mavic

    Start actually surprised me so the footage is not as smooth as I normally do. Only got one chance at it.
  6. L

    Need a pilot's help

    Hi, I'm new here and I really need someone's help. I live in Cortlandt Manor, northern suburb in Westchester county. My 1 year old rescue Yorkie-poo went missing on Sunday and despite a few sightings, we have been unable to find her. We believe she is in the woods somewhere within a mile and a...
  7. ElPocho

    First crash...totally my fault :)

    I had my first crash a couple days ago while on vacation. The cause? Pure and simple I went into panic mode and crashed it. I had the downward VPS turned off since I was flying over the ocean. I still don't know if I even need to do this. Even if it was on I am not sure it would have made a...
  8. D

    Me and My Dog

    Me and my dog on an ascent of Sgurr an Lochain in the Scottish Highlands. Sgurr an Lochain is perhaps the finest of the seven Munros (a Scottish mountain over 3000ft) on the south Glen Shiel Ridge. Its fine peaked summit rises above the craggy corrie which holds the lochan giving the mountain...
  9. F

    Mavic vs Spaniel over/in a lake (aka autoland on water)

    I thought you'd like this short video of what happened to my first Mavic: I had initially blamed the dog for this, but on log inspection I was bitten by autoland after down stick and unable to use cancel/up to get out of it. I have subsequently read up about the sport mode trick....argh!
  10. R

    Dog & my Mavic

    Our dog just loves my Mavic.
  11. H

    Mavic's new best friend...

    Mavic and Minnie on an open field... i was laughing all the time... Minnie went berserk from take off till landing...Once landed she started nose inspection and 2 minutes after she was lying on the grass next to it... Mavic seemed happy
  12. Member

    Not for chewing but to play with

  13. Member

    Rottweilers chasing a Mavic