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First crash...totally my fault :)


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Apr 10, 2017
I had my first crash a couple days ago while on vacation. The cause? Pure and simple I went into panic mode and crashed it.

I had the downward VPS turned off since I was flying over the ocean. I still don't know if I even need to do this. Even if it was on I am not sure it would have made a difference. I had one issue where it was a really close to the Return Home spot but a bit too close to a table on the lawn. I took over RTH and moved it and landed away from the table.

Anyway, I was brining my Mavic back in and my dog saw it and went crazy. She ran up the steps to my wife who I THOUGHT would grab her. Just as I was bringing the Mavic in the dog went after it. I crashed it into the steps as you can see in the video. Full on PANIC mode. I didn't want to crash but also didn't want the dog to get it while the rotors were spinning. Amazing, aside from a couple scratches and a Gimbal Vibration warning on the the next flight, there was no serious damage. I slid the bracket into place under the gimbal and it works fine now.

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A good rule of thumb,is when things get a little wild,add throttle to climb up out of trouble. It dosen't work 100% of the time,but darn near it!

The WORST part is I knew that was what I needed to do. But my brain froze. Also, not seen in the video, is our other dog running behind me towards where I wanted to land. Next time, no dogs.
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Hey, at least you didn't call out "Hey, watch this!".........

In all seriousness, yes, you do have to watch out for the dogs.......
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I'll only admit to being a dumbass! If I can't blame the dog, i'm blaming the tequila. :)
I've had a couple of near misses with dogs making a run for my drone. 1st occasion I was already on the ground and powered off rotors and was able to beat the dog to it and the 2nd occasion I powered up and shot up leaving the dog for dust.
I never bring her in to land with dogs around.
I had one encounter also on the beach with a dog and I was coming in to land but a dog left it's owner and decided my drone was more interesting. I tried to do a lap but it wouldn't go away and my battery was on vapours so to spk.
Eventually I flew by the owner so he could leash her leaving me enough to land where I wanted.
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We have a small Lab/Golden Retriever mix,named Blondie. She goes after anything that moves,so I have to make sure she is inside when I fly,or the attack is on! LOL! I can totally relate to the "Brain Freeze" as I'm old now,and it happens more often for me!
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