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drone law

  1. Yaros

    Why EU regulations are so strict?

    I live in Mallorca, Spain, and have my A1/A3 certificate. I'm 15 years old, but I still fly drones, the minimum age here is 16... oh well, I'm 16 soon anyway. But why are the regulations here so strict compared to US' FAA? I have seen videos of people registering on LAANC and flying in big...
  2. MrRobville

    Crossing a country where drones are banned

    Hopefully this is the correct place to ask. I'm planning on going on an overland world trip in the near future by car, for which I'd like to bring my Mavic Air with me. This causes some problems with a few countries that outright ban drones which I'll have to pass through. First of all, I want...
  3. M


  4. tatmanblue

    Do I have take a test now?

    I was reading on another thread and found this link which amoung other things states: > the Act also allows the FAA to require hobbyist drone pilots to pass a knowledge test before flying. Does any one know if or when the testing requirement will become law?
  5. I

    CAA launch drone use consultation ahead of UK New Laws

    CAA launch #drone use consultation ahead of Nov 2019 registration/competency test & flight notification #industry #uav #notification CAA Drone registration consultation - ikopta
  6. I

    Fake Drone Registration Schemes - DON'T GET RIPPED!!

    Rant Friday. I hate people getting Ripped off! So US Drone owners need to avoid sites that "HELP" you register your UAS Drone. Already UK Done Flyers are being targeted by "PRE-REGISTRATION"... DON'T.. There is no registration scheme yet. It won't be launched til 30th November 2019! FAA Link...
  7. S

    Laws for Flying in Spain

    I'm going the Costa Brava this summer and i just got a mavic pro. I've read online that i can't film at the beach but i've seen many people fly there. Am I allowed to fly there?
  8. CanyonRunVideos

    State, County & City laws, ordinances or codes that restrict U.S. airspace legal?

    Hello brother's and sister's Remote Pilots, It seems that there are more and more State, County and City laws, ordinances and codes that are trying to control the airspace of The United States of America! As sUAS pilots we need to know the truth about these state, county and city regulations...
  9. HiKen51

    Washington Proposed Drone Law HB1049

    I just read Washington State HB1049, which is in committee at this time. It appears to me that it would make it illegal to fly a drone over any private property, and make it possible for any farmer to sue you for flying over his farm, or for the local gendarme to arrest you for same. Check it...
  10. mph300

    Review temp law on drone ban in National Parks

    I thought since President Trump is all about looking at the commercial potential for drone use, why not try and get their attention on hobby flight in National Parks. Mr. President please review the "Temporary" law on restricting hobby drone flight in our National Parks | We the People: Your...