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drone laws

  1. aerialnorthwest

    New Drone Rules and Local Government Overreach

    Happy Wednesday! Drones have become an essential tool in various industries, including commercial photography, surveying, and inspection. However, as their usage continues to increase, concerns about safety, privacy, and nuisance have prompted state lawmakers to address the regulation of drones...
  2. Yaros

    Flying in Slovenia - laws and regulations?

    Hello, I'm planning to fly in Slovenia in a couple of days, I am an EU registered operator already, I'm from Spain. But I would like to know more specific laws to fly there, and the official no-drone map. I found this online: Drone Laws in Slovenia | UAV Coach (2023) One of the laws says: Keep...
  3. MrRobville

    Crossing a country where drones are banned

    Hopefully this is the correct place to ask. I'm planning on going on an overland world trip in the near future by car, for which I'd like to bring my Mavic Air with me. This causes some problems with a few countries that outright ban drones which I'll have to pass through. First of all, I want...
  4. heo3480

    Drone Confrontation - Scaring The Birds?

    When I was out recording footage for the last tutorial I ended up Drone Confrontation initiated by me because I was about to fly over a farmers land and he did not seem too happy with me around I decided to the take confrontation up front. What would you have done?
  5. B

    Using Drone for Business(In-house)

    I am purchasing a drone for personal use. Would I have to obtain a certificate to use it for my business? The video/picture wouldn't be sold to customers but rather used as a guide for the workers. No footage would be sold.
  6. I

    DfT launch Drone Consultation - Have your say

    BIG stuff! Drone Consultation launched..So important that you have your say on the proposals. Do it before the end of August 2018.
  7. Chip D

    State law Drone laws Specifically Utah

    I am going to be visiting the St. George Utah area in a few months, and thought I'd check and see in advance what the chances are of Drone flights in the area. Yes, I know you can't do it in National Parks such as Zion which is in close proximity. But I thought I'd check out Snow Canyon which...
  8. CanyonRunVideos

    State, County & City laws, ordinances or codes that restrict U.S. airspace legal?

    Hello brother's and sister's Remote Pilots, It seems that there are more and more State, County and City laws, ordinances and codes that are trying to control the airspace of The United States of America! As sUAS pilots we need to know the truth about these state, county and city regulations...
  9. S

    Recreational Drones Laws : How may layers exist?

    So it turns out that FAA and the State Level guidelines for recreational flying of drones are only the first two layers of rules. One also needs to worry about the city regulations. But to my dismay, even that is not it. I live in the San Fransisco Bay area, was trying to fly my DJI Mavic at the...
  10. Racin8de

    Don't drink & Drone in Jersey ..

    Has anyone heard of a pilot getting busted for Flying a drone while under some type of influence? I heard of 1 person and that was the man from D.C who flew a Phantom on the White House grounds. I'm not for any NEW laws whatsoever Period.
  11. jtcfilms

    Special Event Permit to fly my drone???

    Hey all, just wanted to get some conversation rolling around what I heard from an event planner in South Florida (South Beach Miami to be specific) this week. So I have a video job filming an engagement proposal on Friday night at a rented out top floor of hotel on the beach. When asking the...
  12. B

    Central and South America

    Hey guys, I've been travelling for 2 months now with my Mavic through Brazil (arrived by air), Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru (all land borders) and am next heading onwards to my final destination in Mexico. Was wondering if anyone had taken a Mavic Pro across land borders into any or all...
  13. Bintryin

    Australian Drone laws

    Looks like Australia is jumping on the band wagon A government official is calling for URGENT laws On Drone users Under 2KG because they could damage or cause death to a crop dusting planes and helicopters . WT
  14. onetunepauly

    NPS Drone Ban

    Can someone please explain to me why it is ok for the National Parks Service to ban drones in National Parks? It is concerning that they can decide to ban the use of public land whenever they see fit. I understand limiting operations because of wildfires and wildlife conservation, but when these...
  15. roflyer

    YouTuber Droner NeverMindYourOwn fined in 600 Euro for flying a drone in Spain!!

    He was flying his quad in a National Park in Spain and a ranger asked him to land it beacause it was a no fly zone. A Spanish TV station published his YouTube video in the news exagerating the facts and it all took huge proportions. The Spanish authorities tracked him and sent him a fine of 600...
  16. TomKemp

    Greetings from Michigan

    Hello Im from MI new to drones but decided to go all in withthe fly more package. I've been looking around the forums everybody seems friendly. Loving my mavic! one question i have is all the buisness of flying in Costa Rica all my research has been conflicting if someone could help it woulf be...