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  1. B

    No option to choose distance of Dronie?

    Hi all. I was trying to do a Dronie last night but wasn't able to choose the distance that it would fly to. I did it anyway and it flew a short way before stopping and flying back (the video was fine so it didn't abort) Any ideas, please?
  2. B

    Mini 2 A Brocken spectre in Wales: Dronie even got his own 😉

    Hi all. I took my MM2 up to a place called Lake Vyrnwy in Wales last weekend and experienced my very first Brocken Spectre......I didn't even know what it was what I was seeing until afterwards when I asked my mountaineering friend. You will see me and my daughters on top of the lovely...
  3. S

    Mavic 2 Pro "Dronie - Orbit" crashes app and won't process

    I rarely fly my Mavic 2, but was giving a lesson to someone and said "watch this". Went to shoot a "dronie orbit" and upon processing the app crashed. It appears to be downloading, then processing, then goes back to downloading and boom-done. I have to quit the app and relaunch, at this poiunt...
  4. M

    Flying in Dronie quickshot mode

    I haven't had my drone long and am still trying out its capabilities. In Dronie mode, if you set the height to the lowest height setting the drone flies out and backwards on an upward trajectory, stops and then returns to base. My question is, if you then set the height to the highest height...
  5. 1

    Extending Dronie Range...

    Firstly, Im not a selfie guy before anyone gives me abuse. But I do like Dronies! It annoys me how the range is only 120m, is there anyway I can change this? Is there a jailbreak for it? Thank you!
  6. I

    Mavic Pro Quickshots.....

    Introduction of Quickshots are a little random and light on the instruction front. Anyone know what the angle of flight should be? What height perimeters are in the software?
  7. BlazeAir

    Dronie at The Stanley Hotel - "The Shining" from the Sky

    Since my brother and I were in northern Colorado, we had to stop by the historic and famous Stanley Hotel. The Stanley, which is located in Estes Park, is most famous for being the hotel used to film Steven King and Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." It was also the hotel used in one of my...
  8. Member

    [OT] Drone in bathroom

    I'm not sure about the origins of this video but it's a fun zoom out kind of shot.