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  1. P

    What are the best value ND filters?

    I am trying to figure out what are the best value and quality ND filters for a mini 2, using in the UK. I was close the buying the standard day Freewell pack costing about £55 and including ND4,8,16 and CPL filters, as everyone seems to be saying Freewell are great. However, I'm unsure how...
  2. J

    Terrible Exposure of Panorama

    I have had my Mavic Pro since it first came out, and have never quite got a decent panorama out of it. Whenever I shoot a panorama, the exposure goes all haywire, and the resulting image is pretty much unusable. Is there something I'm doing wrong, are there conditions under which a pano should...
  3. M

    exposure changes not shown in live view

    Hello, So I have this strange issue with DJI GO 4. When I change the exposure values through the RC, if i dial down (-) then I will actually see the screen darken from 0 to -3...however if I dial up, I see absolutely no change from 0 to +3. On the other hand, any pictures I take do look...
  4. heo3480

    Exposure Triangle for Video

    Regardless if you use a Drone or DSLR camera getting the exposure right is important. It all starts with understanding Exposure Triangle and how ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed work together. This video will help you get the perfect exposure every time
  5. Ged73

    How to take multiple exposures?

    hi, I’ve had the Mavic pro 1 week & its a great piece of kit added to my cameras, took a fairly nice beach shot, sharp and slightly adjusted in Lightroom. But I can select multiple exposures, but then in light room the 3 images look like they have the same exposure? How can I adjust this on the...
  6. I

    Struggling to select the right ND Filter? Confused by ND & Stops?

    Is your ND filter selection sometimes a little hit/miss? What's a stop? What does ND16 mean? This may help..
  7. I

    Can you save over-exposed video?

    Can you recover Over-exposed aerial video? What do you do? what do you expose for?
  8. A

    Exposure Value

    Had my mavic pro out for a flight the other day on a bright sunny day at the beach. I was trying to achieve 4K 24fps with 1/50 shutter speed using a cheap neewer ND32 filter to get that "perfect cinematic look". To my surprise the exposure meter was somewhere in the +1 to +1.5 area. Is it time...
  9. A

    Metering option disappeared

    Hi all. My first few flights I had been using the manual metering option to select certain parts of the shot to expose at.. Now all of a sudden I don't have the option. when I touch the green AF box up the top it either turns it off or on, it no longer changes to the yellow circle for exposure...
  10. Humanparody

    Camera lense(front glass) removal/image issue

    Anyone have any luck getting the lense off the camera? I crashed mine into a freshwater waterfall. After a few days in rice, a restart resulted in numerous errors. Complete disassembly, cleaning and drying got everything back in perfect working order aside from the battery which was a loss...
  11. G

    AEB and exposure range vs manual

    Ive been doing some testing on this lately and am wondering if ive come across a bug or limitation. Using the AEB mode on DJI Go 4 (Android) there appears to be no way to select the exposure range for the shots. The app seems to do this automatically using some sort of algorithm. Due to the...
  12. O

    Long exposure HDR - AEB ?

    How to take a photo with long exposure in AEB mode ? When I select AEB mode, iso 100 and long exposure time all my 5 or 3 photos looks about the same :( all good in auto mode
  13. I

    Trying to get Killer Images? Is all about exposure

    On the quest to master the myriad of on-board tools that help get that kill shot with the DJI Mavic Pro. How to get Killer Images With DJI Mavic Pro Drone - ikopta
  14. Kennetf

    Best photo settings for Mavic?

    Hello great mavic people! I´ve just gotten my Mavic, and since it´s my first DJI product, I need some help understanding the photo settings. Do you have any preferred set of settings when shooting pictures? Do you shoot using manual exposure settings, or is the auto one good enough as long as...