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  1. R

    Mavic Mini FCC version FCC hack

    Hey there I have mavic mini FCC version and in Dji Fly app there are 5 channels (149,153,157,161 and 165) showing in transmission tab I enabled FCC hack on RC following this YouTube steps How do i know that FCC hac is enabled or not ?? After this hack i had only 5 channels (149,153,157,161 and...
  2. S

    I am in FCC or CE ?

    Hello Pilots! Long time lurker, First time posting here . I know it's a common question asked every other day but i believe my Country should be in CE region however my transmission seems to be in FCC mode , Kindly confirm if this is FCC or CE ?
  3. D

    Range Record? (all stock no modifications with FCC)

    Everything is stock. FCC mode.
  4. B

    Mini 2 iOS FCC mod feedback

    Just looking for advice/feedback with regards to using some sort of FCC mod on my iPad DJI Fly app (for Mini 2). I know that there's a few different options out there, so I was wondering which one would be the easiest to implement, which one is best value for money (if not free), and so on...
  5. Cai

    Mini 2 Models and Hardware Differences

    Hey all, I was wondering will the Mini 2 come in two different models similarly to the original Mavic mini? As I know the Mavic mini came in two different models depending on which country you bought it from, Model MT1SS5 (FCC) and Model MT1SD25 (CE), and the FCC model could fly further than...
  6. J

    Signal Boost Hack Experience?

    Does anyone have an actual experience with using the FCC Boost Mod on a Mavic 2 or Mini. I live in United States so I use the FCC standard. The CE to FCC mod is not relevant to my situation at this time and I only need on information on the FCC Boost experience. 1) Did using the Boost...
  7. G

    Mavic mini distance test fcc in europe 4.6km one way with gps hack and tozo antena

    Dji mavic mini distance test fcc in europe 4.6km one way with gps hack and tozo antena.Never got this far.Amazing conditions 15km/h gusts and 5 km/h wind.With a tripod maybe would have got 5 km i dont think a stock battery can handle more than that.Just wanted to share since it was my objective...
  8. J

    FCC or CE mode?

    Hi guys, about the FCC mode, what do you prefer, is it for you more stable for you? I don't mind to go more than 1km away but is it worth to switch to FCC? Thanks
  9. S

    Using Mavic mini FCC in Europe

    Hello, next mounth I wil be in USA for two weeks and I am thinking of buying Mavic mini from there. I will use it in Bulgaria/Europe, so my question is how the FCC version will perform in Europe and will I get better range than tha CE version? Thank you. :)
  10. F

    FCC mode (help)

    I’m on IOS12 and running the modded 4.3.3 app(frida). Everything seems to be working e.g. boost, fcc in the app, but when I fly my mavic I’m still getting around 500m distance, just like I was on CE mode, any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  11. D

    Fake GPS + Android 8 + Mavic Air

    Well, I have a problem. Nokia 6 + Android 8.0 + Mavic Air. Despite running Floater (Fake GPS), clearing the cache (Floater), setting the default GPS in the programmer options on Floater, Dji Go 4 can not see the fake location. Important! The dot of my location indicates the current, right...
  12. M

    Mavic Air VS Spark CE mode (no FCC)

    i just made my own range test in CE area... check it out if interested!