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  1. blackomega

    Christmas Winterfest Sailpast

    Hey A holiday tradition in Prince Rupert is the Sailpast. Private and commercial boats are decorated in a Christmas theme and they parade them along the waterfront. And to cap off the night there is a fireworks show. Sadly my video is mostly fireworks as I was enjoying the festivities with my...
  2. DJ Wes

    Fireworks Hyperlapse Synced to Music

    I’ve seen many example movies of fireworks captured with drones. However, I’ve never seen anyone post a hyperlapse sequence of a fireworks display much less one synchronized to the beat of the music. For this video, I planned a mission using Litchi to circle an area where a fireworks display...
  3. Drone UK

    Drone Films Fireworks

    first time at night and filming fireworks
  4. Jim D

    Fireworks compilation

    Like many pilots I tried some fireworks shots on the 4th. I stayed just over my house. Our neighborhood is fireworks crazed (I actually wish they were banned like most nearby cities - we always worry about fires). I shot with a 64 ND so that I could use a long exposure, increasing my chances of...
  5. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    My Mavic almost got hit by fireworks for this video!

    On New Years Eve I decided to fly my Mavic 2 Zoom up to capture video of fireworks, however, the evening almost ended in disaster when a stray flying ground bloom almost collided with my Mavic 2! Thankfully it was just a near miss, which you can see 12 seconds in. After that I put a lot more...
  6. GoGeoFerret


    What are the best manual settings for trying to capture fireworks displays?
  7. I

    How to Video Fireworks

    Got asked about video fireworks by another flyer for 5th of November. I don't find the Mavic Pro a friend of bad light, even on an overcast day. But here is my process to mitigate the usual panic, camera settings, Mavic settings, working in the dark etc. Anyone else have any alternatives?
  8. R

    4th of July fireworks and Beach shots

    This was all made with DJI editor and was filmed in Sunset Beach NC .
  9. alviar

    Brooklyn, NY July 4th

    some footage of the nyc fireworks last week.
  10. mikey201

    Flying Drone Over Fireworks

    so for the past 2 years now ive put out a video on the 4th of july and its been a hit in my 2015 video now has over 1.6 Million views and my firework video from last year has thousands so this year i tried my best to get a good video out and here it is let me know what you think :)