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first drone

  1. D

    Why did you buy your first drone?

    Recently I saw some drone footage, and they are so stunning that make me want to buy one. But I am not a professional photographer.So I am hesitating, should I buy a drone and try to shoot a video? I'm curious about when you bought your first drones. What motivated you to buy it? Have you ever...
  2. N

    First Time Drone Owner - Mavic Air 2

    Hi Y'all, I recently purchased the DJI Mavic Air 2; I bought it about a month ago and I love it! Like the title says, I'm a first-time drone owner. But I've been taking photos and making videos for years. I'm really looking forward to improving my skills as a drone pilot! Any advice would be...
  3. D

    Christmas Day First Flight - Firmware?

    Hey all happy holidays. Tomorrow I unbox my Mavic Pro Plat. I have been reading a lot and watched a ton of videos even before selecting for purchase. The big question for tomorrow is firmware. I don’t know what version it shipped with and I thought I read the app forces you to update during...
  4. R

    New From Memphis

    Hi! I figured I'd check in. I have my first (not a $20 toy) drone coming in tomorrow. I have the fly more package Mavic. (with light filters coming later.) I don't know what else to put here, since I'm just starting to browse the forum. Anyway...
  5. XLR8R

    New York City and No Fly Zones

    I got my Mavic a week ago and after spending a whole week watching videos and reading manuals (I like to be prepared and know what I'm doing before I send a drone in the air), I finally decided I was ready to take it out for a spin. It went well. A little bit later in the afternoon...I decided...
  6. foxagntmulder

    Should I buy Mavic Pro now or wait?

    I've been contemplating of buying my 1st drone (specifically buying a DJI mavic pro) for the since November 2016. I'm holding back of buying because I'm expecting the next release will have a lot improvement than the 1st one. I'm a newbie and they said that you don't need to practice a lot...
  7. Hawkeye

    Additional Wall Battery Charger comes "Without AC Cable"?

    Hello Pilots. This is my first post here, so please be nice. I'm buying the Mavic Pro as my first drone. I'm looking forward to learn flying in wide open spaces and then, as I make progress and feel comfortable and safe, I'll start promoting myself to make money with it in different (hopefully...
  8. Hoverer

    My Mavic arriving on Wednesday ( Finally )

    My name is Matt from New York. So I ordered my Mavic in November and it's finally arriving on Wednesday. Do you guys recommend that I perform a firmware update and Magnetic calibration before first flight? Thanks