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  1. 51 Drones

    Mini 3/Mini 3 Pro Mega Pack from FreeWell. Open box.

    I have 2 of these, so selling one. New price is $149. Price - $100 shipped to U. S. Only. PayPal
  2. maurotandoi

    3 MAVIC 3 Classic & Filters ...awesome location (alps), what else?

  3. D

    Variable ND Filter Polarization Effect

    I own several of the Polar Pro ND filters, but recently picked up a Freewell Variable ND Neutral Density filter set, hoping to simplify my setup and not have to switch filters so often. Filters appear to be well built, and an excellent price point, but the variable ND filter basically works by...
  4. ChicagoOutfit

    Which of These Two Design Versions is the Newest Freewell ND Filter?

    Good morning, Does anyone have any idea which of these two design versions is the newest Freewell ND Filter? I'm about to buy my first ND Filters, and am trying to purchase the "updated" versions that are not supposed to interfere with the Mavic 2 Pro's gimbal cover (Freewell's second version)...
  5. Charissa

    Long Exposure filters from Freewell

    Hi. I am brand new to this forum, and also a fairly brand new Mavic Air owner looking for good advise. I ordered Freewell Long Exposure ND 128, ND 256 and ND 400 filters. Anyone have them, any reviews, any images taken with them? Advise on photos and videos, regarding this filter set. Which one...
  6. I

    DJI Mavic Air Rugged case makes a good launch Pad

    Tested out the freewell rugged case for the DJI Mavic Air.. not sure I need a rugged bag for the Mavic Air, but makes a great launch/land pad.
  7. heo3480

    Mavic ND Filters | Why & How

    Do you need an ND filter for your new Drone? This tutorial will get you started why and when you need them and further includes an EASY way to pick the right ND filter I have used Mavic Air, but the principle is the same for all DJI Drones /Henrik
  8. Mad_Angler1

    Freewell Gear All Day ND Filter Set - DJI Mavic Air

    Freewell Gear have really been expanding their product range over the last year and along side the release of the DJI Mavic Air they have continued to release a range of products for this new model too including carry cases, device holders, individual ND filter and complete kits. Today we are...
  9. Mad_Angler1

    Freewell Gear DJI Mavic Air Rugged Carry Case

    This week I received some items from Freewell Gear for the DJI Mavic Air. One was the new Freewell Gear Rugged Carry Case. Made from strong lightweight black PU material it offers a good amount of protection compared to the cases you get in both the standard and the Fly More Combo from DJI...
  10. R

    Anyone have luck ordering with Freewell?

    I ordered the new Mavic remote sunshade from Freewell based on Peter Homers video. I placed the order online and paid via PayPal, $49 Total. I received payment notification from PayPal but I have never gotten even an order confirmation from Freewell. It's been 2 weeks and I have sent them 2...