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gimbal calibration

  1. FlyRobFly

    M2P Gimbal Axis Arm Module broken

    Greetings, all. I've had my Mavic 2 Pro for about 2 months now and about 2 weeks ago was on vacation & getting some shots with my drone. Well, I wasn't thinking when at the very end of my trip (thank God) I decided I wanted to get one more series of beach shots, so i loaded the drone into a bag...
  2. Rudolf Bacher

    Gimbal issue

    Please help! My MPs Gimbal does not respond to the Gimbal Dial. I have done the IMU and all the Gimbal calibrations but the gimbal keeps the camera frozen straight ahaed. I do have a second MP that runs without an issue on the same RC, so it cannot be the Gimbal Dial. Any idea?
  3. Mattw996

    Slanted horizon/common problem ?

    Hi all, After reviewing yesterday's flight footage all my horizons are slightly out. Is there a regularity you have to calibrate your gimbal at to avoid this? First time it's happened to me although I've only owned the drone for two weeks.
  4. jtcfilms

    Horizon Tilt regardless of Gimbal Roll Adjustment mid flight

    Hi pilots, I just got the mavic recently and am having constant horizon tilt issues. I've done all calibrations and even adjust the gimbal roll mid flight and once I turn the horizon tilts again. Im in follow mode and not FPV either. Its driving me crazy. I've read several other threads about...