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gimbal camera issues

  1. F

    Crashed mavic 2 pro - gimbal rigid at bottom tilt

    Hi, my drone fallen From Balcany, 30 meters down when I was take off.. It had some kind of problem that even on full throttle, It not gained altitude.. I think was some vision sensor problem.. As I do it over 6 month (about 300 times) and never had problem before. But, let's focus on gimbal...
  2. D

    Gimbal not responding to RC

    Hi All, Looking for some help as my Gimbal is not responding to my RC. Background - I had a minor crash but there is hardly any physical damage. The gimbal moves around on startup but does not respond to the Remote Controller. When I manually move the gimbal slightly, it shows the movement...
  3. Jeromeroscoe

    Mavic 2 Zoom crash gimbal overload

    Mavic 2 Zoom took a decent fall from the sky, camera on the gimbal faces backwards and rotates up. Does anyone know a fix for this or do I absolutely have to send it to DJI, sadly I dont have the refresh insurance.
  4. N

    Gimbal freak out and video pixilation

    My last flight I experienced a weird gimbal issue whereby the video feed gets shaky and the gimbal starts to freak out going up and down and rotating. After a few seconds it cleared up, but reappeared again a couple of minutes later and this time the video feed was pixelated. I had the same...
  5. P

    Gimbal and Camera control lost midflight

    Hi, I have a DJI Mavic Pro. Recently I have started facing an issue with the gimbal and the camera. While flying I am losing the control of the gimbal and camera control. This is an intermittent issue. Using the dial I cannot control the gimbal. Also the details of the camera aperture, shutter...
  6. T

    "Vision system error" after a firmware update (no access to gimbal and front sensors not working)

    Hi folks, Need your help! Spent now more than 12 hours on my issue of which 5 hours with DJI support chat without any help. I tried to upgrade to firmware V01.04.0100 but the update originally did not go through, it looked to be successful but when restarting the app the firmware update popped...
  7. VJRice

    Gimbal shake and overload

    The last time I flew my MP there was a hint of shake. Today it has a bad shake in the video stream and gave me a error for gimbal shake then in a few minutes gave a gimbal overload. So I landed and was checking it out on the ground it has video but does not pan down and it freaks out and does it...
  8. Mattw996

    Gimbal erratic banging on start up??

    hi all After a problem free 4 months with my Mavic I turned it on today only to adjust some of the camera settings and the camera went mad on startup. It was banging violently and loudly on the startup calibration. Cannot calibrate gimbal as it sticks on 5% and it says gimbal overload. Anyone...
  9. P

    strange buzz noise at the end of gimbal startup procedure.

    Hi everyone, I noticed this buzz at the end of the mavic's gimbal startup procedure. It's the sound you hear at the end of the video, I raised a little volume to make it more noticeable. Someone can tell me if it's normal. Thanks in advance. R