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gimbal control

  1. Wellsi

    Dynamic drone & gimbal control for better video

    Hello all Whilst the Mavic 2 now has trackable POI, the Mavic Pro doesn't, which makes POI for very large views difficult. I've been seeing more and more drone videos where the operator is just flying in a straight line or with jerky turns, but it's pretty easy to adjust the direction and rotate...
  2. P

    Gimbal and Camera control lost midflight

    Hi, I have a DJI Mavic Pro. Recently I have started facing an issue with the gimbal and the camera. While flying I am losing the control of the gimbal and camera control. This is an intermittent issue. Using the dial I cannot control the gimbal. Also the details of the camera aperture, shutter...
  3. E

    Do you know where to buy a gimbal control board?

    Does anyone have an extra to sell? I can't seem to find the part. Is it a sub-part of an other part? Thanks! /Eric
  4. paulbeumer

    Remote Control Mavic - No gimbal control - Bug or feauture?

    Hi, Beginner with question for DJI experts. Today i was flying in beginner mode near nice big patch of soft green grass with only a few trees. Windspeed 20km/h wind...with some gusts inbetween..so i learned a lot today :- (amazing how steady it flies. During my second battery my iphone 6s...