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gimble issues

  1. BadWolf

    Would Gimble repair also solve sensor errors?

    Hi all! I inherited a Mavic Pro that flies fine but has gimble issues. I am considering sending it to DJI for repair if a gimble repair might also clear the sensor issues. Does anyone know if the issues with the sensors are possibly caused by the gimble or am I looking at multiple repairs? (I...
  2. J

    Crashed drone camera not sitting right

    I was flying my drone and testing out the circling follow me mode when my drone crashed into a tree and fell to the ground. The camera popped out of the gimble and I thought I clicked it back in right but now it is sitting sideways and I can’t move it. The camera itself still works and the drone...
  3. M

    Dji mini 2 Gimble

    Dji mini 2 when powered on the aircarfts gimble calibrates just before the end of the calibration the gimble vibrates and shakes a little. The gimble works fine while it's in the air no shaking or noticeable vibration. After the initiation the gimble movement is smooth. Can someone give this a...
  4. Beowulf73

    Mavic Pro Gimble Freak out

    Gimble freaked out and changed Mavic Pro course. Flying with new Platinum props, Temp 18F, wind 5kts. Received a "Gimble Shake Error" before event....Any suggestions?
  5. D

    Mavic pro gimble overload after changed cable

    I have a mavic pro, which recently has given me a gimble overload error. I replaced the gimble cable and am still receiving the same error. On startup the camera moves left to right but will not go up or down. I am wondering if is not a mechanical error with the gimble motor...? The drone has...
  6. I

    Gimble issues

    I have new Mavic Pro and only have three flights less than 5 minutes each. I've been very careful with the gimble when removing guard. The gimble when it does it's pre-check looks up, down, and then locks itself looking up to right and gets stuck behind the arm supporting it. I get a warning...
  7. J

    Crashed Mavic pro into a tree now my gimbal is messed up

    Hi I took my mavic out of the box today, I was flying for 11 minutes then it crashed into a huge tree, the gimble is completly messed up. My main issue now is I bought refresh care with it but it would not let me bind this due to (screen shot attached) I bought them at the same time and same...