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go 4

  1. SkyeHigh

    Go 4 v4.3.60 Released - Any issues

    DJI GO 4 v4.3.60 released for iOS 17 support and ‘Fixes certain issues’… Has anyone had the opportunity to test it yet?
  2. K

    Photos didn't save

    Hi all, we have done some surveys during which we have taken photographs but none of them are on SD card and only about 5% is in DJI Go 4 app. The flight logs show that photos were taken but only show a few that were saved as preview. We are quite desperate to get these photos back but don't...
  3. A

    Does anyone have an LG G7 or V35 with DJI GO 4?

    Hi, I'm looking at either of these smartphones to fly a DJI drone with. I just want to know if DJI GO 4 works well on these devices. LG G7, LG V35
  4. Little Red Craft

    Setting Center Points on display

    Why is it that there is a "Center Points" option under camera settings in DJI Go 4 when the aircraft is NOT linked up, but it disappears without a trace once the craft is linked up? The settings persist, just the menu option does not. My setup: Go 4 App v4.3.0 Controller v 01.00.0100...
  5. O

    Crystalsky Monitor Overheat Warning

    Hi. New to the forums but I've been flying the Mavic for a few months now. After a number of frustrating flights with video lagging and or app crashing within my iPhone 6 and Ipad Air 2, I decided to try out the Crystalsky. I recently purchased a 5.5 version and got it in yesterday. I haven't...
  6. G

    Vid/Pic Info When Saving From GO 4

    When saving photos & videos from DJI Go 4 (I’m on IOS version), the date and time info does not appear to be saved. Are others experiencing the same? Any suggestions to correct? To be clear, these are the cached images and videos, not files saved/downloaded from Mavic itself.
  7. mph300

    Go 4 Manual in pdf form

    For those offline times.
  8. Vilco

    DJI GO 4 app: multiple quads on a single phone

    Hi In order to operate in urban areas and/or professionally I need a 300 grams quad, since here in Italy if your drone is over 300 grams you have to fork out 2 to 3 grands for certifications, medical examination and bureaucracy, while drones up to 300 grams just need 200 euros circa for...
  9. ProfPaul

    Go 4 vs. Litchi vs. Autopilot

    I've seen a few posts that mention Litchi and Autopilot. Could someone who uses either or both of the alternative applications please explain them, as well as the pros and cons of Litchi and Autopilot versus DJI's Go 4 software?
  10. N

    "if ain't broke don't fix it"?

    so a while ago i bought the bird with with firmware .700 and installed iPhone app 4.1.7 i did upgrade the app on a second phone and afer upgrade the autoedit movies are crap, they play with stuttering. both phones are iphone se. goggles ordered a couple of days ago. will they work with above...
  11. SkyIScrape

    Newbie needs expert advice

    Folks, Any help answering these questions would be appreciated. 1) Where the hell can I fly? I've flown my new Mavic Pro a total of three times. Each time I'm nervous as hell. Not for the fact that the only thing between me and a $1000 investment is gravity and 98 feet (beginner mode), but...
  12. C

    Android Dji Go4 Crashing? Install it from Google play!

    Well, the title says it all! Bought my mavic yesterday and today I went to do my 1st flight. Right from the start I started to have problems with the app, without any warning it would crash... over and over again... I felt so frustrated and I landed the mavik and went back home to try to find a...
  13. alexcannas

    DJI GO4 Cached video inaccessible

    Hi guys, I've got a problem with my DJI GO 4.0.6 app on Android. It doesn't show the cached video in the Editor. When I browse to the DJI_RECORD folder, MP4 video files are there, but they cannot be opened. Photos do show up in the editor. Any ideas? It was fine before the latest update, I...
  14. Qoncussion

    What's the most stable flight app for Android?

    This has been discussed to death here in various forms, but straight up - what is the most stable flight app for Android 7.1.1 (nougat)? DJI GO 4, and previous versions of the GO app, have a steady track record of crashing on Nexus 6P phones (among many other Android devices). If I can just...
  15. DroneTone

    Cinematic Settings in DJI GO 4

    Just now setting up my new Mavic and decided to use DJI GO 4 exclusively for the Mavic and use an older version of GO for my Phantom 3 Pro. In the past I've enjoyed using the cinematic settings mentioned in this thread for better video with my Phantom 3 Pro and GO 2.8.1. It definitely makes...