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gps disconnect

  1. M

    GPS Data Error. DJI support weren’t very supportive.

    Hey legends, I’ve had a doosy of a fortnight trying to get my Mavic Pro back up in the air. I’m on the road now for a while and can’t take to a dji center. I had a crash, repaired the front arm, fixed the gimbal cable and all went well... then I got GPS disconnect, I bought a new GPS module...
  2. S

    GPS issue after crash

    Hi Guys, I had an incident one moth ago. I've crashed my MP and hit rear side on the ground. After that my WIFI, GPS module, top cover and gimbal were broken. I bought all of needed parts and replaced them. Everything is working fine instead of GPS. And this is why I'd like to ask You for help...
  3. Q

    GPS encounters disconnect, please reset and check connection

    So I've had the Mavic Pro Platinum for about ten days - very impressed with it (I also fly an Inspire 1 RAW and an Inspire 1 XT infrared, a Yuneec Typhoon and a Phantom 3 as a basic trainer). Two days ago, when I set up the drone to take off, the controller had this message: "SYS WARNING CHECK...