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gs pro

  1. Keule

    GS Pro update 1.8.1 (Jan 18, 2018)

    DJI released a new update for Ground Station Pro v1.8.1 For those being interested:
  2. Keule

    GS Pro Update 1.8.0 (Nov. 21, 2017)

    If someone is interested ...
  3. G

    GS Pro - Waypoint altitude issue ?

    If I pre-plan a roughly circular Waypoint route around a small hill, starting 150m (contour difference) ABOVE where I'll be sat at the the 'Home Point' ( not 150m in the air), will the Mavic know not to fly into the hill, but to stay10m above the ground ?? (Assuming I've set each Waypoint to...
  4. B

    Anyone already tried the GS Pro 1.6 release?

    I was chatting with a DJI service rep about a problem with programming long missions in GroundStation (GS) Pro and he recommended me to uninstall the previous version and to load the 1.6 release, which I did. Anyone did it a try, yet?
  5. B

    How To Build Missions On Google Earth and Import to DJI Go4 or GS Pro

    I have seen how to import in Litchi a mission prepared in Google Earth and saved in KML and the results are brilliant. I do not have yet Litchi and I do not know if I am going to buy it: is there a way to import the KML file in DJI Go4? As an alternative - if that App for IPad is trustable... -...
  6. D

    TIA, connection problem with GS Pro, as in, it won't

    I'm sure this has been asked before. I did search, but couldn't find a thread here. I can fly with my phone, and a buddy flew with his Ipad, but I can connect my Ipad (( 3rd gen, 32gb) at all. I've loaded it several times. The home button seems dead on the GS Pro screen.
  7. G

    GS Pro

    When using GS Pro my mavic will fly the route no problem, I can't figure out how to not have it take photos constantly. I just want to use video. This is in the 3d scan mode.
  8. roflyer

    Update in DJI GS Pro - curved corners in waypoint mission

    Hello Pilots, I noticed that one of the features in the last update of GS Pro was the option for curved corners in the waypoint path. I tried to edit or create new missions with this option activated but I didn't see any difference, the lines still have sharp corners when I draw a square or...