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How To Build Missions On Google Earth and Import to DJI Go4 or GS Pro


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Jun 14, 2017
I have seen how to import in Litchi a mission prepared in Google Earth and saved in KML and the results are brilliant. I do not have yet Litchi and I do not know if I am going to buy it: is there a way to import the KML file in DJI Go4?

As an alternative - if that App for IPad is trustable... - is there a way to import the KML file in DJI GS Pro ?

Talking of DJI GS Pro, I have a problem (even before using it): I currently start my flights from the top of a hill. All my desired paths are lower than the starting point. GS Pro accepts to define flying quotes for each of the points of the Waypoint within a limited range from 1 to 200 m... only ABOVE the starting point! No options for negative quotes, i.e. I cannot plan to descend during the Waypoint flight. Any hint for this missing option?

Thanks folks. This forum is great.
Thanks. Sure, Litchi could be the only solution.

I noticed today that GS Pro refused to fly a mission that it accepted without any problem in programming phase: trying to fly it just said something like "Mission out of the flight radius" or a similar concept: question is - Is there a limit in distance for a WayPoint mission with GS Pro? I could not find a mention to this in the manual... Mine was a 4 km total flight, with max distance from the RC of 1,4 km.
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