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  1. B

    Mavic 2 Pro and IPad Air

    Recently, I saw an error on my IPad Air using DJI GO4 - "Mobile device CPU fully loaded. Related performance will be affected." I looked up on DJI and noticed that DJI GO4 did not support IPad Air but did list IPad Air2. I've never noticed any problems in performance or in flight log logging...
  2. Skyler King III

    Bracket capability disappeared for Mavic Air?

    I haven't used my Mavic Air in a while. Mainly use Mavic 2 Pro. Took Mavic Air up for some flights today and seems like bracketing and panorama disappeared What the...? Any suggestions. Yes I'm using latest Go 4 and the GO 4 app says my firmware is up to date. Any ideas here or did DJI...
  3. krodgerson

    Using Hudl tablet as screen. Problems with DJI Go4

    I have a Tesco Hudl tablet which I used with DJI Go when I had an Inspire 1 BUT I now have a Mavic 2Pro and I can't get the DJI Go4 APP to work with it. I always get the message "Unfortunately DJI GO 4 has stopped" when I try to open it on the Hudl. I've tried reloading but the same thing...
  4. Keule

    GO4 v4.3.16 (Apr 19, 2019)

    Finally appeared in the App Store:
  5. Keule

    GO4 version 4.3.14 released for CrystalSky (Mar 15, 2019)

    ALCON DJI released the long awaited GO4 (with waypoints) for the CrystalSky.
  6. G

    Android 9 Pie

    Probably more useful in here as its Go4 related... Android 9 Pie got sneakily released last night. Ive just done some test flights on my Pixel 2 XL and all seems to work perfectly. No issues detected.
  7. Keule

    GO4 app v4.2.20 ready to download on Crystalsky

    DJI released GO 4.2.20 for Crystalsky. To download: Open current GO4, the 'ME' tab should indicate a blue dot above the man-like shilouette. A pop-up window appears, and clicking on 'Install' - That's it.
  8. D

    DJI Go 4 Auto-downloading videos/pictures

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked on here before but I have searched the forum and was unable to find what I was looking for. Can someone tell me how to stop the DJI Go 4 App automatically downloading general videos/images on to the storage of my device? I am using an android OS so I am not...
  9. Keule

    Compatibility issues between iOS 11.2.5 and DJI GO / GO4

    ALCON: from DJI's forum: --- snip --- Dear users, Please note that there are some compatibility issues between the newly-released iOS 11.2.5 and our DJI GO 3.1.24, 3.1.26 or DJI GO 4 4.2.4 apps. The drone platforms potentially affected by this update are the Phantom 3 series, Phantom 4 series...
  10. Partizans

    DJI GO Stability on Android -vs- IOS

    I see this topic has not been touched upon for more than 7 months, and is worth rehashing because of updates to programs and operating systems... I'm an Android-tablet user, but am considering purchasing an IOS-tablet just for FPV use with the Mavic Pro (Platinum). The reason is that...
  11. W

    Tablet performance tab s2 T713 with Litchi screen recording

    Hi, Like to purchase a tab s2 T713, but can't find how the performance of the tablet is in combination with Litchi and GO4 running the latest Android version 7. What is the expirience when running screen recording and Litchi with the Mavic Pro. Running smoothly? What is the expirience when...
  12. B

    How To Build Missions On Google Earth and Import to DJI Go4 or GS Pro

    I have seen how to import in Litchi a mission prepared in Google Earth and saved in KML and the results are brilliant. I do not have yet Litchi and I do not know if I am going to buy it: is there a way to import the KML file in DJI Go4? As an alternative - if that App for IPad is trustable... -...
  13. CoolBreeze

    Good job dji, NFZ

    Knowing their have been post with NFZ issues... Daily I fly with airport approval, (my letter of agreement/notification and returned airport tower from my home within controled airspace, 3.8 miles from airport tower. Due to area air show in conjunction with Unlimited Hydroplane race...
  14. C

    Go4 Sync Data - View and Cleanup

    Where is the flight data stored online when you "Sync" the flight history data in the Go4 app? Can you view it, clean it up or delete it?
  15. flyNfrank

    DJI GO4 App Update 4.0.6 [android]

    What's New Mavic Pro: -Added Fixed-Wing Mode. Editor: -Added support for tutorials. -Added support for importing local music. General: -Added Find My Drone. -Added audio recording function when caching video. -Added warnings for RTH altitude in the One-Tap RTH. -Added a function to verify...
  16. B

    DJI GO4 Minimum Requirements

    Hi All, MY Ipad 4 wont allow me to get Go4, and DJI just removed mavic support for the go app. So i am looking at getting a new tablet.. hopefully a fairly cheap one.. My older iPad ran the go app perfectly, with no issues at all on over 90+ flights. Does anyone know the minimum specs required...
  17. Skyler King III

    I had 18 sats, was above 34 feet and it would not "follow me"

    I had 18 sats, was above 34 feet and it would not "follow me" It came up with a message about "poor satellite reception" or something like that and would not let me to follow me. Latest version of Go 4 and latest firmware on Mavic and controller. I was using iPhone 7 Plus. Any ideas? YES...
  18. X

    Android app just started to randomly close after update..

    I have flew my drone many times now fine never had an issue. I first used GO regular for a while until it told me its not supported and to use go 4 so i used go 4 and had no issues till Sunday when I updated the app to latest version. Now I will be flying and I look at my phone (s7 regular) and...
  19. Robert Granata

    Green Arrows on TapFly

    Is there any way to turn off the annoying green arrows in TapFly? I was flying it today and panning down the green flashing was so bad I thought I was going to have a seizure. I just switched from android to iOS so I don't know if this is new with the update or if it just on iOS. Either way...
  20. Qoncussion

    Go 4 - wrong camera settings screen...

    Ok, so I get all booted up and "Ready To Fly"... But I want to check/change my video settings. So, I click the camera settings icon below the record button. At the top of the slide-out settings screen there are three icons (groups). One looks like an aperture, the next, a camera, and the last, a...