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hangar 360

  1. SunnyD

    is the Hangar 360 app dead?

    I loved that app when it worked. Captured lots of cool (and free) interactive 360 panos over the years. I captured one last season that took over a week to process from their servers (normally took 5-30 mins), and I have a current one that has been processing for weeks. I emailed the...
  2. lisadoc

    An "Explosion" of Wallabies

    If you've never seen a mob of wallabies (yes, that's what a group of wallabies and kangaroos is called), here's a 360 photo of a group of them foraging in a field outside Cairns, Australia. Looks like a bomb went off and wallaby shrapnel went everywhere. The great thing about the Mavic is that...
  3. S

    Experience with Hangar 360?

    Hello I am a relatively new Mavic flier (total 3 hours flight time) And wondering if I should try Hangar 360. Has anyone (good or bad) experiencies with that app? Is there any risks I should be aware of? Is there any way to retake manual control of the Mavic if anything goes wrong with the...
  4. RaRaRasputin

    First time out with the Mavic

    This is my first time out with the Mavic having only received it on Friday. Couldn't go out much at the weekend, but did a couple of test flights in the back yard. Nerves were on edge slightly in the yard due to proximity of fences etc. So, today, went out to our local park. Was a nice day...
  5. BrooklynFlyer

    Hangar 360 of cloudy Brooklyn - Columbia Waterfront/Red Hook/Carroll Gardens

    Hangar 360 Photo I have been having trouble with the app lately, but I got this one to work
  6. kcoleman805

    Hangar 360 Help

    Today I tried to use Hangar 360 for the first time and couldn't seem to get it to work. I turned on the DJI Go 4 App, flew it to 300 feet, then switched over to the Hangar App to take the pictures, it took all necessary pictures and then asked me if I wanted to land or continue flying. I clicked...
  7. Oyibo VFX

    Hangar 360

    My first test. Works on most devices (including Facebook) but mine does not work on Safari... But a remarkable tool Hangar 360 Photo