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height limit

  1. J

    30m Height Limit Bypass (GPS related)?

    Hi, all! New here, so apologies if this is a duplicate question. I did some searching, but couldn't find a fix for this specific issue. I am using a Mavic Pro 2 with the Smart Controller. Currently using Android Version 7.1.2 on the controller. System using V01.01.0072. Not sure if there is...
  2. I

    Flying lower than launch height - Possible?

    A weird question. Does the air 2s or any other DJI drone restrict it from flying below the height at which it was launched The case - launched the drone from a rooftop and was trying to fly between the buildings. The drone would go down till the rooftop level (zero height in the controller) and...
  3. G

    Question about max drone height in UK

    Hi, I am a drone newbie and I have some questions about the max flying height here in the UK. I know the legal limit is 120m (400ft) but I have read that the limit corresponds directly to the take off location i.e. If I take off from the top of a 1000m mountain I can fly my drone 120m higher...
  4. brett8883

    Would you buy a DJI aircraft with height and GeoZone limits if you had a choice?

    There has been a lot of heated discussion on the forum recently about DJI’s GeoZone system and height limits and DJI actively markets these as features of their aircraft. I wonder how many people would choose to purchase a “locked” aircraft if they had a choice? I wonder how many people would...
  5. brett8883

    Controlled Airspace altitude limit and structures

    When you have a LAANC authorization with an altitude limit of less than 400 ft AGL in controlled airspace is that limit strictly from the ground or does that include within xxx feet from a structure as well? We know that the 400’ AGL general height limit is no higher than 400’ from ground but...
  6. andyd01275

    Maximum Hieght Question

    I did this Shoot yesterday, and I reviewed the flight data when I got back and found that I had gone over 400ft by 7ft. In the app I have it set to 400ft max, so my question is why would it of flown over the max hieght and especially as I was at see lever as you can see in the footage. Thanks in...
  7. M

    DJI M for max height?

    ... Hey MAvic Pilots, does anyone have experience with unleashing Mavic Platinums full potential without soldering? e.g. max height >500 m ..... would need that feature since I film in the mountains
  8. Giladwashere

    Help understanding my first crash (at night)

    Hello, I'm a novice pilot. Been enjoying my Mavic pro for about 3 months now without a problem (as well as this very useful forum). I have one reoccurring is that I would like to get help with: I live in a large apartment building, with an inner court yard. I'll describe it as I think it may...
  9. M

    Question for experts!

    Hello, I have been flying the mavic with no issues on firmware 1.03.0400 and on the GO 4 app v 4.0.2 on my android phone for a long time. Today I used the mavic with same firmware but using an iPad mini 4 with the latest GO 4 app. 2 issues! Message saying I am in a class D area and cannot fly...
  10. T

    Question about FAA 400ft height restriction

    2 part question. I have property in the hills some on flat ground and some very tall hills. In some places I can walk up a hill and be over the 400 ft in elevation in just a short 1/2 mile walk. My question is do I measure from where I take off? and then if I fly over the valley do I have to...
  11. KBerrah

    Any flying experience with Mavic Pro in mountains.

    Hi, I'm a newbee with MP (Switzerland). Just started using it in the field (safe). I would like to use it in the mountains where no planes/sliders/helicopters can actually fly. Q1: if I send the MP over a cliff and let it fly let's say 500m down, will the MP be able to climb again and come...
  12. J

    400 Feet - Limitations

    Hey everyone, In the next couple weeks I will be performing my first commercial operations with my Mavic. I got my Part 107 earlier this month, and I'm excited for the possibilities. However, I am planning on flying over a building that is 200 feet tall. Per the Part 107 rules, I can fly to the...