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  1. Yaros

    Why would anyone attempt this?! Guy flying way too high in the mountains!

    I found these videos (these videos are NOT mine) of a guy flying his Mavics way too high, I'm not talking about 500 meters max… He hacked the firmware and went so high that the height indicator glitched in an integer overflow and looped around into negative values… This is crazy! My question is...
  2. J

    Waypoints over water and Litchi

    I know in Litchi you can follow terrain by setting height above GROUND in Waypoints but how does a Waypoint behave above water: ie: Lakes, sea, and Crystal clear swimming pools? TIA, John
  3. mrhinman

    DJI GEO maps and FAA maps conflict? Help!

    I'm new to DJI drones. I've flown other non-internet aircraft in the past (still do) and I'm a bit confused by the geo-fencing that DJI has. I fly frequently in a local park ("Beal Park" on the maps below) as it is on the edge of the Class C boundary, and according to the FAA UAS map, I'm in the...
  4. R

    Thoughts on hacking Mavic 2 NFZ/HEIGHT/SPEED...

    Everyone knows the M2P M2Zoom are much advanced models compared to M1P. However, the M1P is still the only choice if you want to modify it to unlock the height/NFZ restrictions. So here is the question: is it possible that someone will soon come up with a solution for removing NFZ and...
  5. I

    DJI Go4 App: What height is your drone Really flying at??

    So with new 400ft max coming into force this month for all craft over 250g in weight, got an interesting issue with the Go4app. What height is it actually reading? CAA say 400ft is from the surface. Which one? where the pilot is? Where the craft takes off? Where someone is standing that thinks...
  6. S

    Lesson Learned, importance of pre-flight checklist

    I want to share with you a quick experience with a lesson that might become useful for some of you. I'm very beginner in this field but been photographer for quite sometime. During our last hiking trip to Slovakia, I tried to fly the drone almost on daily basis and whenever the weather...
  7. C

    Height and RTH

    I'm new to the world of drone flying and recently purchased a Mavic Pro. I'm capturing some great video but would like to fly my drone off a cliff and capture some video. So question is, my RTH is set to 50m, but if the cliff drop is 150m does the drone calculate the 50m from where it took off...
  8. J

    An app that tells you how tall surrounding buildings are?

    Does anyone know of an app or website that shows the height of surrounding buildings? This would be helpful for RTH and Intelligent Modes. It would be awesome to see an overlay on a map that highlighted buildings that were within a range of 100ft-400ft.
  9. Mikewilltakeyouto

    Height Question?

    So ive been flying over cities quite abit, I am currently flying over a National Stadium, I was wondering how high I have to fly to get the entire stadium in the frame? is there any calculations or equations i can do to figure this out? or are there any available software or ideas available...
  10. J

    Airplane height at 3 km of airport

    If you are reading this and are from Canada, you know how frustrating the drones regulations are, for those how don't know, google it. One of the thing that is the most frustrating is the 9 km rule : You can't fly your drone within 9 km of an airport. I live in a small city with an airport at...
  11. O

    Remove height limitation (Solved - Not Possible)

    How to I fly higher than the max altitude? Im outside the US and in really remote places, but still can't pass the height limit? Can I use Litchi or another app to do it?
  12. D

    Will changing the height restriction void the warranty?

    I know it's irresponsible to change the height limit for obvious reasons but there are certain times when 120m is not enough for mountains or cliffs etc. So I'm just wondering if changing the height restriction in the app will register it to DJI and void the warranty or have any other legal...
  13. K

    Mavic new Pilot, Few problems and questions....

    Hello Everyone I'm obviously a new Mavic Pilot, and new on this forum and I have few questions and problem around it, I try to find my answer on this amazing website but I didn't : - I can not connect my Iphone with a regular Iphone cable via the classic usb under the remote, It will be perfect...