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  1. J

    Need help putting on the propellers correctly on a Mini 2

    Hello, Magic Community. I have just bought myself a DJI Mavic 2 and after 3 days of ownership, I’ve had sidespawned a street light pole, and the being a newbie Drone pilot, took off all the propellers to try to clean them because they got scuffed, but also at the same didn’t pay attention that...
  2. adam_nasrri

    My first crash, what happend? Help please

    Hello people! Location : Lelystad | The Netherlands. I had my first mavic drone back in 2016 and i never had any crach during my flight times. I got lately the dji mavic 2 zoom drone and i flown with it multiple times before something happened in the 23th of February 2021. It was a nice sunny...
  3. D

    clean live transmission, lagged recorded video

    So I fly a Mavic 2 Pro on construction sites to document monthly progress and site photos for project record and our website. Within the past 4-6 months I've been having a serious issue with the video lag when I start editing. The transmission while flying is perfect so I never know if it...
  4. B

    Phone disconnecting from controller

    Hi mavic pilots! Today i ran into a problem i have had two times before. I was flying my mavic pro, and suddenly my phone is unable to show video feed. I can still control the drone with the controller, but this could still be very frightening. Luckily my drone was under 200 meters from me, and...
  5. Mr. Mavic7

    I'm looking for a good tablet for the mavic pro under $150.

    Please help me
  6. L

    Mavic problem

    how you guys doing? i have a quick question. I got my mavic pro fly more combo for Christmas, and then like 5 days later i'm flying it, in my friends backyard to show him. He lives inside the yellow zone. I was able to take off, and fly for like a good minute, then it asked me for a payment...