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image quality

  1. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 Mavic 3 Pro vs Original Mavic 3 - Camera Test

    All settings the same. Shot with automatic exposure, 4K 30fps, H.264, normal color profile. I used digital zoom on the original Mavic 3 to roughly match the length off the medium telephoto lens on the Mavic 3 Pro. Obviously, the dedicated camera and lens on the Mavic 3 Pro is way better than...
  2. D

    Mavic 3 image softness issues?

    I’ve had the M3 since launch. Worked through the firmware updates and generally patient as the product improves. I’ve owned DJI aircraft for many years, most recently the M2P and Inspire 2. My primary source of revenue is image licensing to ad agencies, tourism/travel, etc. so my focus is on...
  3. H

    Mavic 3 vs Air 2S video and Photo PQ quality.

    Hi, Lets discuss this here and share comparison videos. Based on what I found, the Mavic 3 is not worth it unless you actually make money of the drone footage, the video quality difference for home, hobby or non money making YT is basically identical.
  4. M

    Foggy pics from Mavic Pro. Found the reason, but how to fix it?

    My Mavic Pro sometimes shows misty or foggy pictures, they are unclear or as if they're badly out of focus. Initially I thought that 50 or 80 ft up there it just is more misty compared to what can be seen from the ground. It is definitely what the sensor sees, not a software problem. But I...
  5. ilSimo95

    Poor quality raw 48MP Mavic Air 2

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, really excited to be part of this great photographic community! I'd like to know if there's someone who can help me with a problem I think it's not solvable unless selling my Dji Mavic Air 2. Shooting at 48MP, I noted that images were a bit disturbed, quality...
  6. J

    Magic 2 Pro vs Inspire 2

    Hello All, About a year ago I bought an Inspure 2. It was my second drone and I have really loved flying it. Lately thought I’ve been putting serious thought into a Magic 2 Pro (M2P). My biggest problem with my Inspire 2 is the size. I am a big traveler and unless I want to drop $500 on a big...
  7. Bussty

    Advice for a novice drone operator looking for best stills image quality.

    Hi there I don't yet own a drone but are looking at getting one. My sole driver is stills landscape photography. I currently use an Olympus EM-1 Mark 2 and some pretty sharp lenses and am really looking to get close to that quality but from the air. I was really excited when I heard about the...
  8. T

    Mavic Pro has a very sharp camera

    I've read a lot about how bad the Mavic's images are, but I think it is just down to processing and the huge difference between RAW/JPEG. The JPEG quality of the Mavic is very poor due to its poor in-camera processing, but not the RAW....... If you know how to process the RAW DNG files...
  9. littlewings

    Firmware v.1000 and the hot spot issue

    So, I ran some tests with the new firmware and I found that the red spot issue is apparently solved. Has anyone else seem similar results?
  10. S

    Very strong image noise - what am I doing wrong?

    Hey team, Been familiarizing myself with the Mavic camera this week, but struggling with really high levels of noise / artifacts. I've watched a bunch of videos about various settings, done some reading, but can't figure out what's wrong. Settings: +1,-1,-1, custom white balance, d-cine, 1/25...
  11. J

    Image Quality - Paint Brush Effect

    I'm on day 2 of owning my Mavic and I'm a little perplexed at the image quality. To be clear I am a fairly accomplished photographer and I have a business where I have sold many images as a side line. I know about sharpness, ISO yada yada. I have read a few posts relating to similar issues...
  12. N

    Better compression?

    Hey everyone, I've noticed that the compression on the Mavic is really bad compared to the Phantoms. You can mostly see that when shooting very detailed areas like trees. Do you think it would be possible for DJI to implement a better compression through a firmware update or do you think this...
  13. B

    Some pixel dances in 4K footage - why!?

    Hi guys, I had my very first flight today and got some disappointing artefacts in my first 4K footage. Most of the time, the image quality is fine. But sometimes, there were lots of pixels 'dancing around', or it looked like they stopped moving for a very short moment and blurred around the...
  14. M

    Still Image Artifacts and corruption raw hdr long exposure

    Sorry if this is duplicate but I got multiple images the other day with heavy artifacts. Maybe it has to do with HDR in combination with long exposure. Is this common? Metadata ISO 800 1/5 sec exposure on Mavic Pro (This is a raw image and I possibly used HDR mode with it)