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  1. J

    Grainy image

    Hello there, Any chance of advice please? My image looks grainy shooting with 4k on my Mavic Pro. I tried to change the shutter speed but still looks grainy. Any advice for the best settings ? Here is how it looks like. Cheers
  2. D

    Phantom 3 no Landing Button, no Transmission

    Hello everyone, happy Christmas! I have expanded my drone fleet, the DJI PHANTOM 3 Standard! Two questions I noticed after the first test flights, where I have not yet found a suitable solution to. 1. in the quick description you can see a button that initiates the landing from vertical...
  3. OkandaCreed

    Low resolution RAW images

    Hi All, Does anyone know why Mini 2 dng images are much lower in resolution compared to jpg images? dng resolution - 960 x 540 jpg resolution - 2000 x 1500 Thanks!
  4. Skyler King III

    Interactive IMAGE of tiny planet as opposed to video - Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller

    I did the "asteroid" mode yesterday at a shoot but it came out as a video. Is there a way to turn it into an interactive IMAGE? If so, how?
  5. C

    Mavic 2 Zoom - Zooming Issue?

    Quick question, I noticed while zooming in that there seems to be a shift in light. For example, everything looks normal when recording then when I zoom in, the image gets darker in some cases. I’m new to the zoom lens world, is that because less light is getting in the lens causes a shift to a...
  6. M

    Lots of parts replaced... still no image

    Bit of a long story but I figured Id explain the problem, how I got here and what I've tried so I don't waste anyone's time.. Crash from a great height a few months ago... replaced the following 1. Both arms on the right side (front and back) 2. Gimbal shock plate Afterwards I occasionally got...
  7. RoadieMunky

    Image/Video quality question

    Hi all, I was wondering why in my pictures and videos some things, like the trees in the below picture, are... blurry (for lack of a better word). The trees in the foreground of this picture seem ok, but the trees in the background have no sort of definition (blurryness). I get the same in my...
  8. A

    looking for sample .dng (raw) files to download

    Hi before I buy a air I would like to look at the still images quality. can any one help by uploading some to drop box, or wetransfer or any other service and send me a link to them? I want to see what the look like once edited and how big they will print out . thanks Alistair
  9. G

    Blurry / Soft image on Mavic video footages

    Hi, I know it's quite a recurring topic but I didn't find a solution yet, and my problem doesn't seem like the many cases of soft image only on the edges. So, when I first started using the Mavic, I didn't get any problem and the images were quite clear all the time (see this video if you...
  10. L

    Round circle in the middle of Mavic Image - reflection, or sensor issue?

    Hello forum - I have an image issue with the Mavic and wondering if anyone else has seen it. In the middle of the image, or sometimes just below and left of center, a circle appears in the image from the Mavic. I shoot at 2.7k, 24fps and have seen this in a lot of my footage. It is more...
  11. markyodo

    Testing image quality the right way?

    I received the Mavic on Sunday and I want to make sure I have a reliable product within my return / exchange period. Step 1 was the calibrations. I did them all. Step 2 was the flight test. I flew for about 90 min yesterday. I tested maneuvering, signal strength, flight modes, precision...