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Blurry / Soft image on Mavic video footages


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Oct 17, 2017

I know it's quite a recurring topic but I didn't find a solution yet, and my problem doesn't seem like the many cases of soft image only on the edges.

So, when I first started using the Mavic, I didn't get any problem and the images were quite clear all the time (see this video if you want:
). At this time, it was my first time flying a drone so all the setups were mainly factory (auto white balance, 4K, no ND filters so higher shutter speed to compensate for overexposure...).

Now that I film with more "customized" settings, I get almost all the time problems with my images that are quite soft/blurry, but only for video recording, no problem when I shoot RAW photos.
You can see quite clearly the problem in most of the footages of this video:

My settings are:
ND Filters (16/32 in general)
Shutter 50
24 FPS
ISO 100
-1 ; -1 ; -1

Latest firmware installed.

I already tried a few times to recalibrate IMU or Gimbal, but without success... I still don't get images as clear as it was at the beginning or as what I can see on many youtube videos done using Mavic...

Hope you can help,

Thanks a lot!
There are numerous posts on this matter. As soon as you dial sharpness lower than 0, you get blury footage and you loose detail. I personally use +1 on sharpness, treat it with Neat Video to reduce the obvious footage noise and finally blur the footage, just a bit, to avoid the overall over sharpened quality.
Its the -1 sharpness. Early release mavic firmwares were fine with that. Then an update changed behaviour so anything under +1 has a load of really crude noise reduction dialled in.
Ok thanks a lot for the quick reply!

I'm gonna give it a try changing the setting to +1 then.

I think I changed to -1 ; -1 ; -1 after watching some youtube tutorials on how to set up the Mavic for cinematic shots, so don't really know what they advice such a thing then... Their videos looked amazing.
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